Period Pastimes at Arnold House

Find out how colonial children had fun

At Arnold House or Your Site

What was leisure like for children of the past? How did changes in technology and attitudes towards childhood affect children’s play? Students discover the answers to these questions at Arnold House (1693), where they solve riddles, make a toy to bring home, and play a variety of historic games including Knuckle Bones, Bilbo Catcher, Graces, and more.


Program Details

At Arnold House: 45-minute program for grades 1 – 9. Available weekdays, April – November. Limited to 60 students per program. $4 per student, $150 minimum.

At Your School: If you can’t get to Arnold House, we will bring the activities to your school. $150 for the first class and $50 each additional class. Maximum four classes in one day.

Type of Program: Field Trips, Programs to Go

Related Topics: Colonial Life


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