First Settlers, Early Colonists

Explore the early days of settlement in 1660s Newbury, Massachusetts

At Coffin House

This program immerses students in early local history in an authentic seventeenth-century setting. During a visit to Coffin House, museum teachers lead students in role- playing the daily chores, and skills that defined the lives of early settlers.

Students will learn to spin wool, churn butter, and grind spices used in the preparation of foods. Students will also learn what children did for play.  Students will participate in journal writing as they learn about the roles and responsibilities of each family member and the early community they formed.

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Program Details

Maximum Group Size: 60 students.

Cost: $12.00 per student

Program Length: 2 hours

Type of Program: Field Trips

Related Topics: Colonial Life

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Curriculum Links: Grades 3, 4, 5

History and Social Science

Grade 3

T1.01, 02


T3.01, 03

T5.01, 02, 03, 04


Grade 4


T4.03, 04

T4a.04, 04


Grade 5

T1.01, 02, 03


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