First Settlers, Early Colonists

What was life like in Newbury in the 1660s?

At Coffin House

This program immerses students in early local history in an authentic seventeenth-century setting. During a visit to Coffin House, museum teachers guide participants in role-playing real characters who lived and worked in the 1660s, allowing them to experience tasks that children their age had to master as members of their “Little Commonwealth,” such as butter churning and wool spinning.

Students also record their experiences in a journal-writing activity. A museum teacher will visit your classroom before the field trip, bringing artifacts, costumes, and character descriptions to prepare your students for their experience at the museum.


Program Details

Maximum Group Size: 40 students. Cost: $9.00 per student (includes one-hour in-class presentation and two-and-a-half-hour field trip to Coffin House).

Type of Program: Field Trips

Related Topics: Colonial Life

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