Cub Scout Programs

There’s so much for scouts to do at Casey Farm

Historic New England’s Casey Farm in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, is proud to offer Cub Scout troops affordable educational activities to help scouts reach their goals for obtaining activity, achievement, and elective badges.

Each of the following programs is an hour long, unless noted otherwise, and costs $5 per scout, and $5 per sibling. Accompanying adults are free. There is a minimum of six scouts per program, or a $30 flat rate.


For All Programs

If you would like to take a few minutes after the program for a snack, picnic tables are available.

For after-school programs, the farm itself is not open for general visiting, but you may add a half-hour farm tour to see the turkeys and feed the chickens for an additional $2 per child (scouts and siblings).

Type of Program: Field Trips, Scouts

Related Topics: Environment

Available Cub Scout Programs

Tiger Den Activities

Let’s Go Outdoors
Take a short hike through our farm woods and discover plant and animals that might live there while collecting items such as leaves, twigs, and flowers. The program concludes with a leaf-rubbing activity in our craft room. (Tiger Cub activities 5D and 5G)

Come and See Casey Farm
Visit Casey Farm to learn about raising crops and animals in a responsible way and to connect with our rural past. At the end of the program, Cubs plant a seed to take home. (Tiger Cub activity 1G, electives 30 and 31)

Wolf Den Activities

Exploration Hike
Explore the diversity of life along Rhode Island’s greatest treasure, Narragansett Bay, by hiking through pastures, woodlands, and along the shoreline. Learn about birds while having plenty of opportunities to start a new collection. (Wolf Den achievement 6, elective 13 birds)

How to Grow Plants
Discover the growing cycle of vegetables while exploring the farm’s vegetable fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Help plant, harvest, sort compost, water the gardens, and plant a seed to take home. (Wolf Den elective 15, Grow Something C, E)

Bear Den Activity

Family Fun Down on the Farm
Spend time with your family at Casey Farm. Feel the warmth of a fresh-laid egg in the palm of your hand, visit the animals, and view the bounty of a modern organic farm. Learn about raising crops and animals in a responsible way. (Bear Den achievements 10 and 10A, Elective 16)

Woodland Adventure
Explore the ecology of the farm and play ecological games such as Oh Deer and Blind Old Eagle. Learn about seeds and then hunt for items to use in a seed art or nature print project. (Bear Den achievement 5A, Electives 9 and 12)

Take Care of the Bay
Take a short hike down to our cobblestone beach and learn about the impacts of human trash and pollutants on the marine environment. Then explore the shoreline while helping to clean up the beach. (Bear Den achievements 6 and 6G)

History Explorers
Get to know the Casey family through photographs, personal letters, and other primary-source materials from Historic New England’s extensive archives. Learn how to document your family histories by using interviews, photographs, documents, and letters. (Bear Den achievements 8D and 8E)

Webelos Den Activities

Forester Activity Badge
Take a short hike through our cranberry bog to our woodlot and discover plants useful to wildlife. In our woodlot, once a forestry research plot for the University of Rhode Island, explore different kinds of trees and their uses in the construction industry. A growth-ring activity, U.S. forest mapping, and a create-your-own-forest-layers exercise round out this exciting two-hour program. (Forester activities 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7)

Naturalist Activity Badge
Start a bird list and learn about aquatic ecosystems with a hike to a salt pond and cobble beach on Narragansett Bay. Observe a variety of salt pond and shore animals, discover the hazards of litter on the shoreline, identify poisonous plants, study food chains, and learn how sustainable farming helps preserve the balance of nature during this two-hour activity. (Naturalist activities 4, 6, 12, start 5, 9, 11).

Geologist Activity Badge
Learn how rocks are formed and about the basic kinds of rock during this two-hour activity. Hike down to our cobblestone beach to find examples of each rock, collect five geological specimens that have important uses, and hunt for fossils. Then, back at the farm, learn about the role minerals and rocks play in the farm environment. Search the historic farm buildings for geological materials used in their construction. (Geologist activities 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8)

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