Porch repairs begin at Castle Tucker

Aug 6, 2013

In June Historic New England’s preservation carpenters undertook the first phase of repairs to the roadside porch at Castle Tucker in Wiscasset, Maine. Due to the porch’s awkward connection to the adjacent curved wall and poor flashing details, substantial water damage had accumulated over the years resulting in damage to the framing of the porch roof. Over two weeks the porch roof was carefully dismantled for access to perform structural repairs.

In keeping with our preservation philosophy only deteriorated material was removed and the repairs were spliced in using the same materials as the old. While on site, carpenters also repaired the porch railing.

Three additional days need to be scheduled in order to complete this project. Your support of the Preservation Maintenance Fund will help pay for materials, travel, housing, and the labor required for our carpenters to preserve this important feature of Castle Tucker.