Paint analysis makes way for new color scheme at Hamilton House

Nov 17, 2011

A recently completed paint analysis at Hamilton House opens the door for drastic but exciting changes to the property’s paint palette. The analysis identified all the different colors used over time, but focused particularly on the painting scheme during the earlytwentieth-century ownership of Emily Tyson and her stepdaughter Elise. The Tysons made many significant changes to theproperty, such asinstalling early reproduction wallpaper that still hangs in the house, developing the extensive Colonial Revival garden, moving the barn, building the carriage barn, and bringing the structure now known as the garden cottage to the site. 

The paint analysis reveals new information aboutthe color schemes at the property. With the exception of the garden cottage, only onecolor scheme, a monochrome white, is inkeeping with the Tysons’ Colonial Revival redevelopment. When implemented, the new paintscheme will be a shocking change, most evident in the red barn and carriagebarn. 

Before we can implement the scheme, however, some major building projects need to occur, including drainage work in thefield and parking area, structural issues in the barn, and roof and window work in the main house. The paint analysis was funded by a grant from the Friends of Heritage Preservation. Please consider contributing to thePreservation Maintenance Fund so that we can continue preservation work at Hamilton House.