Liberated Victorian azaleas put on a show

Jun 4, 2012

New research reveals why azaleas were buried within a large planting of rhododendrons at the Lyman Estate. This question often puzzled staff and visitors to the historic gardens. While researching the historic landscape, Historic New England staff discovered not only that the azaleas were mysteriously covered up in the 1950s when new rhododendrons were planted, but that the new plants were placed in the middle of the historic path system. During landscape restoration efforts last year, the 1950s rhododendrons were removed and the historic path system was carefully re-established in its original location.   

This spring, the newly liberated historic azaleas bloomed, creating colorful accents along the path system just as the Lyman family intended.

Tour the Lyman Estate on the third Saturday of each month, or view the landscape and gardens after a visit to the Lyman Estate Greenhouses.