Lecture on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House

Apr 27, 2011

A recent lecture at the Codman Estate in Lincoln, Mass., focused on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House, located in Manchester, N.H. Jane Seney, education director at the Currier Museum of Art, presented an illustrated talk placing the Zimmerman House within the context of Wright’s body of work, specifically his Usonian house designs. Wright defined Usonian as accessible, functional architecture, available to Americans from all walks of life. “Usonian” was a word he created, a combination of U.S. and American. Wright designed the house when he was in his early eighties and enjoying one of his most productive years as an architect.

The house’s owners left the property to the Currier Museum in 1988. In 1990, the house and grounds were opened so that visitors could enjoy glimpses of a private world from the 1950s and 1960s, including the Zimmermans’ personal collection of modern art, pottery, and sculpture. It is the only Wright home open to the public in New England. 

The Saturday afternoon talk was followed by a tour of Historic New England’s nearby Gropius House, also open to public for guided tours year-round. Frank Lloyd Wright visited the Gropiuses at their home in January 1940.