Keepsakes and Treasures takes you inside New England’s jewelry box

Sep 9, 2016

Historic New England introduces the first book that focuses exclusively on the history of jewelry made and worn in New England. Keepsakes and Treasures: Stories from Historic New England’s Jewelry Collection, by Associate Curator Laura E. Johnson, reveals the personal stories represented by timeless pieces of jewelry and adornment.

Jewelry is more than a symbol of wealth or a show of bling. It can also connect eras and cultures to universal themes of family, love, loss, celebration, and rites of passage. Keepsakes and Treasures includes cherished pieces similar to ones many Americans have in their own jewelry boxes, from simple wedding rings to souvenir charm bracelets.

Whether given as a gift to mark a memorable moment in life, prized as a keepsake of triumph or tragedy, or collected for its history and beauty, each piece of jewelry in Historic New England’s collection tells its own visual story. Looking at these pieces minimizes the distance between then and now, evoking memories of a favorite moment, place, or person.

The book is available for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling). Buy it online or call 617-994-5924.

Many of the items in Keepsakes and Treasures: Stories from Historic New England’s Jewelry Collection will be on display beginning in May 2017 when Historic New England opens Mementos: Jewelry of Life and Love from Historic New England at the Eustis Estate in Milton, Massachusetts. Mementos is an exhibition of approximately 130 pieces of jewelry with complementary textiles, portraits, and photographs, all carefully chosen from Historic New England’s extensive collections.

Originally posted July 20, 2016.