Inside the Collections Care Project: Rolling away

Dec 11, 2014

As Historic New England begins the next phase of the Collections Care Project, we continue to share some of our favorite objects we encountered while moving the collection. This week’s find is a pair of roller skates that once belonged to Sarah Moore Field (1885-1988) of North Andover, Massachusetts.

Ms. Field lived a long and active life for a woman of her time. She attended Abbot Academy, which is now part of Phillips Academy, for her early education.

She then pursued her interest in art by studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She trained at the Posse Normal School of Gymnastics to become a physical therapist and attended the Fanny Farmer school of Cooking in 1914. In 1920, she obtained her certificate for the Special Course in Gasoline Motor Care Operative Principles offered at the YMCA Automobile School.

Along with following her interests, she also managed her family’s household and business affairs at the Field Hodges House in North Andover well into her nineties. It’s not hard to see how a pair of roller skates, dating back to the early 1900s, fit so well into Sarah Moore Field’s life.

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