Inside the Collections Care Project: Mix it up

May 5, 2015

After inventorying and moving more than 22,000 objects into temporary storage in Historic New England’s Haverhill, Massachusetts, facility, the Collections Care Project team is now working to make more of the moved objects accessible to the public through Collections Access.

This week we uploaded photographs of art glass, salt cellars, baskets, and stoneware. Next week it’ll be pewter, calling-card cases, and pressed glass. There is always something new to see and learn about. 

This week’s object–a cheerful set of Pyrex mixing bowls–will be familiar to many. Manufactured by Corning Glass Works, the Pyrex brand was introduced 100 years ago this May. Sets of “Primary Color” mixing bowls, like this one, were offered for sale beginning in 1940 and sold for $3.50.

The mixing bowls were the first opaque or “opalware” style released by the company, but certainly not the last. Corning went on to produce a wide array of applied color and patterned opaque bowls, bakeware, storage containers, and other useful kitchen wares. Their colorful kitchen wares have brightened New England homes for 100 years.

If you would like to support the preservation of objects such as these, please consider making a donation to the Collections and Conservation Fund.