Inside the Collections Care Project: Homecoming

Jan 28, 2016

If you’ve been following Historic New England’s Collections Care Project, you know that in the last nineteen months we have moved more than 24,000 objects out of permanent storage in our Haverhill collections facility. This allowed us to renovate the space and add new compact storage cabinets. 

During the construction phase, we added more than 10,000 new images to our online Collections Access database, cleaned the objects, and improved their catalogue records. 

This month, as construction came to completion, we began moving the objects to their new and improved storage space. The upgraded HVAC system, insulated walls, and new cabinets will aid greatly in the long-term preservation of theses objects.  

Soon, we will announce opportunities for the public to come and see the new space after the project is finished in June 2016. In the meantime, the images below offer a sneak peak of the newly housed baskets, shoes, rolled textiles, and parian sculptures.

If you would like to help preserve this extraordinary collection of New England art, domestic objects, and more, please consider a donation to the Collections and Conservation Fund.