Inside the Collections Care Project: Construction begins

Jul 21, 2015

The construction effort at the heart of Historic New England’s Collections Care Project is well underway. While our staff had fun moving more than 22,000 historic objects out of the way, the main goal was to make way for improvements to a portion of the art storage space in our Haverhill Facility and the installation of compact storage cabinets.

With the collections safely on another floor of the building and a temporary wall installed to keep other objects safe and clean, the work is off to a good start.

Contractors have installed new walls to create a buffer zone between collections storage and exterior walls of the building. This, along with new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, will improve our ability to control the environment and preserve the objects stored there. The moveable compact storage cabinets will allow us to better protect the collections from dust and increase the amount of storage capacity available.

Together, these improvements represent a giant leap forward in the care of Historic New England’s extensive collection of New England art, clothing, and household objects. Help support this essential effort by donating to the Collections and Conservation Fund.