Iconic Houses website launches

Nov 13, 2012

Life gets easier for fans of twentieth-century domestic architecture with the launch of IconicHouses.org, a new website that identifies iconic Modern houses around the world, including Historic New England’s Gropius House.
The website is the initiative of Natascha Drabbe, architectural historian and owner and curator of the Van Schijndel House in the Netherlands. Finding herself in charge of an iconic home, she set out to learn more about others. Her research led to the formation of the Iconic Houses Network, a group of Modern house museum curators dedicated to preserving significant houses and sharing knowledge and expertise, and to the launch of the site. 

IconicHouses.org lists one hundred landmark houses from the twentieth century by location, with information on their creators and related news stories. By linking travel and twentieth-century houses, the Iconic Houses Network hopes the site will increase visitor numbers and awareness. Drabbe says, “Experiencing the houses is the most important thing and the Iconic Houses site wants to ensure that people can continue to do that.”