Historic New England protects private house in Dartmouth, Mass.

Aug 3, 2012

The Russell-Ekstrom House in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, is the most recent historic property protected through a preservation easement held by Historic New England in its Stewardship Easement Program.

While the exact date of the house is uncertain, decorated framing with early coatings of whitewash suggest construction between 1695 and 1715, making the house an important example of early architecture in southeastern Massachusetts. In addition to its architectural significance, historic records show the house was the homestead of John Russell (1679-1767). The preservation easement protects exterior and interior features including the seventeenth-century framing, Georgian-style woodwork, plaster walls and ceilings, floors, and door and window hardware. It also prevents subdivision of the two-acre lot, protects stone walls and fencing, limits new additions and structures, and protects a mid-nineteenth-century barn.

Historic New England now protects more than eighty properties through its Stewardship Program and actively seeks to protect a wide-range of properties across New England, representing all architectural styles and regions. Learn more about the Stewardship Easement Program.