Historic New England museum guides ready for a new season

May 19, 2010

Historic New England’s visitor experience team spent two days in May training new and “veteran” guides for the 2010 season. Veteran guides attended a training session full of information on this year’s initiatives like the centennial celebrations and the Preservation Maintenance Fund. Staff including President and CEO Carl Nold, Executive Vice President Diane Viera, Preservation Project Manager Kerry Vautrot, and Senior Membership Manager Kirsten Alexander presented sessions on institution-wide efforts to preserve and present New England’s heritage.

Brand new guides attended a full day session that explained Historic New England’s approach to tours, the high value we place on welcoming new members, and how to make sure tours are meeting the needs of our visitors. Guides also received some “nuts and bolts” training, such as how to make sure the sites are secure and what to do in case of an emergency.

In addition to providing all of the information and techniques that guides need to welcome visitors to the houses, the sessions are a great time for guides from all of our properties to come together, catch up, and compare notes on tour guiding across New England. More than 100 guides are ready to welcome visitors and share Historic New England’s house museums with the public.