Historic New England honors two collectors with its Prize for Collecting Works on Paper

Nov 8, 2021

Barbara Fahs Charles and James Kochan are awarded the 2021 Historic New England Prize for Collecting Works on Paper for their collections, which document carousels and early American military history, respectively.

Barbara Fahs Charles receives the 2021 award for her extraordinary collection of carousel-related ephemera and photographs.

Barbara Fags Charles carousel collection selection

The collection is composed of primarily nineteenth- and twentieth-century American items. It includes catalogues, photographs, stereo cards, post cards, tickets, prints, and cartoons. It also includes brochures and posters from New England resorts and parks where carousels operated and time tables for the trolleys and steamers that would take one to these places of leisure. The collection is widely known and available to individuals and groups restoring or researching the history of whole carousels. Charles is founder of the National Carousel Association and active in the preservation of operating carousels. She has written numerous magazine articles on the subject.

James Kochan receives the award for his work in early American military and naval manuscripts, rare books, and related artwork.

James Kochan collection sketch

As an expert and leading dealer in early American military and naval manuscripts, rare books, and works of art, Kochan has been of immense service to museums and research institutions, serving as their agent in strategic collections building. In addition to his important work building public collections, Kochan has assembled one of the finest private study collections of rare books, prints, maps, artwork, and manuscripts focused on the early military and naval history and material culture of Maine until statehood (1820). Kochan has also published seven books and more than one hundred articles or research reports dealing with early American and New England military and naval material culture and history.

Celebrate the Winners

The Prize for Collecting Works on Paper is presented during Historic New England’s Night of Prizes, a virtual event on November 23 at 6:00 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Advance registration is required. The link for the program will be sent with your order confirmation. Night of Prizes is made possible by support from Historic New England’s Friends of the Library and Archives.

About the Prize for Collecting Works on Paper

This is the twelfth annual Prize for Collecting Works on Paper. Historic New England established the prize to honor collectors or dealers who have assembled or helped save significant collections related to New England or the nation as a whole. View a list of previous prize winners.