Historic New England completes repairs at Sayward-Wheeler House

Feb 20, 2013

Now that colder weather has arrived and preservation projects at our historic properties have slowed down, Historic New England’s carpentry crew is focused on shop work and planning for next year’s projects. This time of year allows a chance to reflect on the work accomplished during the recent building season. This is the second in a series of posts detailing recent carpentry projects that are essential in preserving Historic New England’s properties.

Following an investigation and assessment in July 2012, Historic New England’s carpentry crew embarked on a major structural repair project at Sayward-Wheeler House in York Harbor, Maine, in August. Water infiltration in a troublesome inside corner had damaged plaster, framing, the foundation, and a hearth. The repair involved a wide variety of techniques to address the varied materials affected by the water.

In September, the carpentry crew’s repair project was immediately followed by the arrival of contractors, who repaired the large porch and replaced the aging asphalt shingle roof of the c. 1718 property. Please consider supporting ongoing work at Sayward-Wheeler House and our thirty-five other historic properties with a donation to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

View a photo gallery of structural repairs at Sayward-Wheeler House