Carl R. Nold Fund for Museum Education

School and youth programs serve Historic New England’s most diverse audience, but these programs, which engage 45,000 children each year, are underfunded. Many students can participate only because Historic New England subsidizes transportation and program fees.

Ensure that our commitment to school and youth programming continues in perpetuity by supporting the Carl R. Nold Fund for Museum Education, a permanent endowment fund. Your generosity will help inspire the next generation of lifelong learners.

This fund honors retiring Historic New England President and CEO Carl R. Nold.

“I came to museum work from a background in both history and education. I’ve long believed that unless they are shared, even the finest collections have little value to the public. Engaging young people through educational activities ensures that museums, collections, and our shared stories have a future.” – Carl R. Nold

Each year, schools pay for less than half of the $600,000 Historic New England spends to provide school and youth programming. A gift of any size will impact the life of a student year after year.

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Carl R. Nold Fund for Museum Education
Historic New England
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Together these donors generously contributed $1.29 million to recognize Carl R. Nold’s seventeen years of service to Historic New England on the occasion of his retirement.

Anonymous (7)
Jacob D. Albert
Bear and Pam Albright
Cheryl and JT Aldridge
James G. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Alfond
Deborah L. Allinson
Louise Todd Ambler
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Ballou
Jeffrey P. Beale
Ford and Amy Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bembenek
Dr. and Mrs. Ernst R. Berndt
Ms. Sarah Bevington
Ms. Sally Blanchard-O’Brien and Mr. Sean O’Brien
Mr. Jonathan M. Bockian and Ms. Sharon Teitelbaum
Maureen and Edward Bousa
Kathryn E. Cade and Fred Miller
Ms. Désirée Caldwell and Mr. William F. Armitage, Jr.
Edward Lee Cave
Karin and David Chamberlain
Ms. Carole Charnow
Richard and Betsy Cheek
Mr. John D. Childs
Ms. Barbara Cleary and Mr. David McLaren Hart, AIA
Lorna Condon
Elizabeth and Nicholas Deane
Mr. Richard A. Duffy and Mr. Jose M. Rodriguez
Robert Peabody Emlen
Mrs. Maia Farish
Ms. Gail Fenske and Mr. Don Cecich
George Fiske
Dr. Christopher D. M. Fletcher
Mr. Jeffrey T. Gonyeau and Dr. Jack T. Dennerlein
Alice and Thom Gould
Ms. Naomi Gray and The Reverend Patrick T. Gray
Benjamin K. Haavik and Amanda Van Vleck
Ms. Martha D. Hamilton
Mrs. Leslie W. Hammond and Mr. James R. Hammond III
Stephen Harby and Kritsada Buajud
Dorothy and Eric Hayes
Eric Hertfelder
Lucile and Bill Hicks
Mr. Thomas L. Hinkle
Kate Hooper
Melinda L. Huff
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hunnewell, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth L. Johnson
Laura E. Johnson
Susan and Peter Johnson
Holly and Bruce Johnstone
Mr. Joseph S. Junkin
Jennifer Kent
Sidney and Geoffrey Kenyon
Mr. Mark R. Kiefer
Vicky L. Kruckeberg
Catherine Coolidge Lastavica
Gregory D. Lombardi
Dr. Janina A. Longtine
Terry and Dave Martland
Laurie Masciandaro
Sandra and Holt Massey
Frank and Liz Mauran
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McDowell
Karen and Warren McFarlan
William L. McQueen and Carla O. A. Bosch
Ms. Maureen Meister and Mr. David L. Feigenbaum
Pauline C. Metcalf
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Morton, Jr.
Carl R. Nold and Vicky L. Kruckeberg
Ms. Mary Anne Osborne
Ed and Linda Owens
Robert and Elizabeth Owens
Ms. Joan M. Pagliuca and Mr. Joseph Pagliuca
Caren and Randy Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Pell
Julie A. Porter
Mr. John A. Quatrale
Ms. Catherine M. Raddatz and Mr. Donald Raddatz
Kenneth and Shirley Rendell
Robert Rosenberg and Mary Wolfson
Carolyn Parsons Roy
Mr. John Scherbarth and Ms. Katie Luz
Gretchen and John Schuler
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Servison
Dr. Sylvia Q. Simmons
Mr. Robert L. Simonds and Ms. Angie Simonds
Skinner Auctioneers
Susan P. Sloan and Arthur D. Clarke
Lynne and Peter Smiledge
Joseph Peter Spang III
Mr. Andrew Spindler-Roesle and Mr. Hiram Butler
Ann H. Stewart
Mr. Charles M. Sullivan and Ms. Susan E. Maycock
Ms. Deborah L. Terry
Mr. Forrest G. Tiedeman
Nancy B. Tooke
Kenneth C. Turino and Christopher R. Mathias
Mr. John W. Tyler
Mr. Max A. van Balgooy
Dr. Katheryn P. Viens
Gary and Diane Viera
Village Green Child Care Center
Ms. Rita G. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Webb III
Mrs. Nina Heald Webber
Ann E. Werner
Gina and Steve White
Gary Wolf, FAIA
Mr. Alan Wong and Ms. Wendy Wong
Ms. Penny A. Zaleta and Mr. Kurt Amsler
Marraret and Chip Ziering

Historic New England President and CEO Carl R. Nold with staff and students at a school program at Pierce House, Dorchester, Mass.

Carl R. Nold (center) with then Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Connolly, staff, and students at Pierce House, Dorchester, Mass.