Garden restoration at Phillips House

Jun 29, 2011

A new landscape plan for the Phillips House in Salem, Massachusetts, incorporates plants from the Phillips family gardens.

Last fall, Mohr and Seredin, a landscape architecture firm in Portland, Maine, prepared a Cultural Landscape Report that provided recommendations for restoring the landscape to the the early and mid-twentieth century, when the Phillips family lived in the house.

Anna Phillips, a talented gardener, kept lists of the plants in her gardens. With the help of Plant Creations, a local company that has been maintaining the Phillips House landscape for more than eleven years, the restoration is becoming a reality.

Cheryl Quimby, owner of Plant Creations, volunteered and used Anna’s plant lists to create a garden plan, and secured many of the perennials from her clients around the North Shore. She chose plants like Siberian iris, Rudbeckia, and Cimicifuga that were historically accurate and easy to maintain so that staff can keep the beds in good order.

Visit Phillips House to see the plants in bloom throughout summer and early fall. Next, we engineer a new drainage plan to alleviate water-related issues at the site. Please consider assisting us with ongoing landscape planning and projects at our historic properties by donating to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.