Field-Hodges House for sale in North Andover, Massachusetts

Apr 23, 2019

Field-Hodges House in North Andover, Massachusetts, offers a unique opportunity to own and preserve a piece of New England’s rich history and architectural heritage. It is protected by Historic New England’s Preservation Easement Program.

Built by North Andover mill owner George Hodges in 1839, Field-Hodges House has passed through only three families in nearly 175 years. Along with Captain Nathaniel Stevens House, it is one of the two earliest mansions in town built for mill owners. Built in Greek Revival style, the house’s iconic cupola and verandah with balustrades overlook a rolling lawn to the north and formal gardens to the south.

Inside, the twin parlors and library still retain their marble mantelpieces, wreathed door and window surrounds, and ornate plaster cornices. The mid-nineteenth century china pantry and kitchens are outfitted in their original woodwork. For the owner familiar with traditional foodways, the kitchens’ intact bake ovens and set kettle provide exciting possibilities for holiday baking and entertainment.

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