Album 1, Book 6: Massachsuetts Historic Homes and Landmarks

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One of eight scrapbooks of 2.5 x 3.5 inch photographic prints, postcards, and original artwork document historic homes and landmarks in Massachusetts. The scrapbooks are undated, but they were probably created in the 1920s. The quality of the photographs is excellent, despite their small format. Of particular value is the abundance of well-annotated descriptions of the individual buildings, their dates of construction, their occupants, and their dates of demolition if known. The compiler is unknown. It is possible that some photographs date to several years prior to the actual preparation of these albums. Book 6 documents Dedham, Barnstable, Belchertown, Brimfield, Deerfield, Harvard, Hingham, Hyannisport, Kingston, Lancaster, Orange, Pembroke, Petersham, Plymouth, Quincy, Princeton, Amesbury, Townsend, South Wellfleet, Wayland, Milton, and Yarmouth, Massachusetts, as well as Acton, Berwick, Kittery, Monmouth, and York, Maine; Francestown, Portsmouth, Stratham, Hampton, New Ipswich, and Sharon, New Hampshire; North Stonington and Brooklyn, Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; Rochester, New York; and Frederick, Maryland.


Descriptive Terms

historic buildings
historic houses
photograph albums
black-and-white photographs
picture postcards

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Album Number 1, Book 6

Physical Description

1 photograph album; 7 x 9.5 inches

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Photograph albums collection

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3 1/2 x 2 1/2 (HxW)(inches)


Dedham (Norfolk county, Massachusetts)
Barnstable (Barnstable county, Massachusetts)
Belchertown (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Brimfield (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Deerfield (Franklin county, Massachusetts)
Harvard (Worcester county, Massachusetts)
Hingham (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
West Hyannisport (Barnstable county, Massachusetts)
Kingston (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Lancaster (Worcester county, Massachusetts)
Orange (Franklin county, Massachusetts)
Pembroke (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Petersham (Worcester county, Massachusetts)
Plymouth (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Quincy (Norfolk county, Massachusetts)
Princeton (Worcester county, Massachusetts)
Amesbury (Essex county, Massachusetts)
Townsend (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)
South Wellfleet (Barnstable county, Massachusetts)
Wayland (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)
Milton (Norfolk county, Massachusetts)
Yarmouth (Barnstable county, Massachusetts)
Acton (York county, Maine)
Berwick (York county, Maine)
Kittery (York county, Maine)
Monmouth (Kennebec county, Maine)
York Village (York county, Maine)
Francestown (Hillsborough county, New Hampshire)
Portsmouth (Rockingham county, New Hampshire)
Stratham (Rockingham county, New Hampshire)
Hampton (Rockingham county, New Hampshire)
New Ipswich (Hillsborough county, New Hampshire)
Sharon (Hillsborough county, New Hampshire)
North Stonington (New London county, Connecticut)
Brooklyn (Windham county, Connecticut)
Providence (Providence county, Rhode Island)
Rochester (Monroe county, New York state)
Frederick (Frederick county, Maryland)

Record Details

Material Type

photograph albums
black-and-white photographs
picture postcards

Descriptive Terms

Frederick, MD
Dedham, MA
Barnstable, MA
Belchertown, MA
Brimfield, MA
Deerfield, MA
Harvard, MA
Hingham, MA
Hyannisport, MA
Kingston, MA
Lancaster, MA
Orange, MA
Pembroke, MA
Petersham, MA
Plymouth, MA
Quincy, MA
Princeton, MA
Amesbury, MA
Townsend, MA
South Wellfleet, MA
Yarmouth, MA
Brooklyn, CT
Acton, ME
Berwick, ME
Kittery, ME
Monmouth, ME
York, ME
Francestown, NH
Portsmouth, NH
Stratham, NH
Providence, RI
Hampton, NH
New Ipswich, NH
Sharon, NH
North Stonington, CT
Wayland, MA
Milton, MA
Rochester, NY

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