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Subseries C. Other papers, 1814-1956, undated (#4.9-4.10, 4.16, 4.21- 4.22, 4.36-4.37, 4.39, 5.1-5.10, OB.x.x-OB.x.x) contains an account of a sale of goods belonging to Benjamin J. Glover (d. 1833). On the partially-printed form, the word “deceased” is crossed out and replaced with "an insane person." Glover lived in Dorchester but no member of the Pierce family is recorded among the purchasers of Glover's personal possessions. The sale may have been one of the civic duties tended to by Lewis Pierce (1786-1874). This subseries contains the orderly book of Capt. Stephen Tolman's Company, a company of the Dorchester militia raised during the War of 1812. The orderly book covers the company's service at Fort Independence on Castle Island from September-November 1814. Stephen Tolman (b. 1778) was the nephew of Col. Samuel Pierce (1739-1815), the son of Sarah Howe and Desire Tolman. It is not clear if the orderly book was written by Tolman or a company clerk, nor is it known how the book came to be in the possession of the Pierce family. Maps and drawings include a plan for sewer easement, Pierce lot, A.N. Colman, surveyor, 1926, and two copies of an illustration of the Pierce House. Miscellaneous items include materials from the Hood Council, a professional group made up of employees of the Hood Company. The Hood Council oversaw various aspects of employee relations at Hood, including facilities maintenance and employee complaints. The documents include roll books, payrolls, and detailed minutes over a number of decades. The series also includes a log book from the ship "Ellen Maria." The log details the ship's journeys for over a year. A small number of prints and a scrapbook of clippings round out the subseries. The scrapbook includes six folded sheets of newspaper used as a base for a scrapbook collection of newspapers clippings. Each scrapbook sheet contains four pages of newspaper clippings layered on pages of the "Boston Daily Times" and possibly others newspapers from the 1840s. The clippings include literary selections, such as poems and short stories, plus biographical sketches, historical items, agricultural tips, health remedies and more. Few of the clippings include dates, but those present range from 1843 to 1848. The scrapbook sheets were placed in a later portfolio case with the cover title, "The Youth's Companion."


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family papers

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Family papers

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Pierce family papers

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Folders 4.9-4.10,4.16, 4.21- 4.22, 4.36-4.37, 4.39, 5.1-5.10, OB.x.x-Ob.x.x