Papers of other Coffin family members

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1683-1907, undated

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Folders C.2.19-C.2.31



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Series XV, Papers of other Coffin family members, 1683-1907, undated (#C.2.19-C.2.31), contains papers of other Coffin family members: Charles Coffin (1775-1853), David Coffin (c.1763-c.1838), Enoch Coffin (1669-1728), Holland Coffin (dates unknown), John Coffin (1694-1762), Joshua Coffin (1792-1864), Paul Coffin (1737-1821), Peter Coffin, Jr. (dates unknown), and Sarah (Bartlett) Coffin (1732-1798). Included in the papers are an undated speech delivered by Charles Coffin (1775-1853) to the Synod of the Carolinas on the topic of religion and literature; an agreement, summons, and a document witnessed by David Coffin (ca.1763-ca.1838); memos and other legal documents relating to Enoch Coffin's (1669-1728) estate and terms of guardianship regarding his daughter, Mehitable Coffin (dates unknown); a letter and a program bulletin belonging to Holland Coffin (dates unknown); and an agreement, land deed, and a promissory note regarding the purchase of six acres of land in Rumford belonging to John Coffin (1694-1762). Joshua Coffin's (1792-1864) papers include personal correspondence; an indenture to lease the tanyard; a quit claim deed for the Coffin family house in Newbury, Massachusetts; an undated document giving Coffin authority to represent and act on behalf of the Proprietors of Newbury in Massachusetts; and a summons for Coffin to appear in court regarding payment of a past due mortgage. Among Paul Coffin's (1737-1821) papers is a 1765 letter inviting Coffin to preach in Narragansett (now Buxton, Maine); 1795 letter from Coffin to his parents while serving in the army at West Point in New York; and an obituary written by his brother, Charles Coffin (1741-1821). The papers of Peter Coffin, Jr. (dates unknown) contain fragments of two land deeds and a document noting the birth for three of Coffin's children (Abigail, Eunice, and Jemima). Within the papers of Sarah (Bartlett) Coffin (1732-1798) is a 1775 letter from Sarah's son-in-law, Paul Lunt (husband of Margaret (Coffin) Lunt), sent from Camp Prospect in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while Lunt was serving in the army during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) and an account book kept by Sarah, which details domestic expenses incurred by the family, cash spent, money paid for funeral charges, and accounts associated with running the tannery business following the death of Sarah's husband, Joshua Coffin (1732-1774). The series is arranged alphabetically by name, and thereunder by record type.


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Family papers (1 carton)

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Coffin family papers

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Folders C.2.19-C.2.31