Papers of Joseph Coffin (1762-1805)


Series VIII, Papers of Joseph Coffin (1762-1805), 1770-1808, undated (#C.1.52-C.1.56), contains Coffin's account books and an account sheet detailing building supplies purchased for the family house (i.e., board nails, shingles, joists, planks, sashes, stones for the cellar, etc.), the purchase of household goods (i.e., molasses, sugar, flour, coffee, salt, fish, rye, Indian corn, potatoes, liquor, shoes, clothing, etc.), the purchase of leather goods for the tannery (i.e., seal skins, pig hides, calf skins, bull hides, etc.), and family expenses (i.e., school supplies and tuition; doctor visits; mending and laundering of clothing, etc.); Coffin's land deeds for property purchased in Newbury, Massachusetts, which includes land purchased jointly by Coffin and his brother, Edmund Coffin (1764-1825); an 1801 deed for a pew at the North Meeting House in Newburyport, Massachusetts, purchased jointly by Coffin and his brother, Edmund Coffin (1764-1825); quit claims between Coffin and his brother, Edmund Coffin (1764-1825); Coffin's estate papers comprised of an estate inventory, a note naming Edmund Coffin (1764-1825) as executor of his estate, and an list of Coffin's assets administered by his brother, Edmund Coffin (1764-1825). Also included in the series is an undated letter addressed to Coffin from Paul Coffin (1737-1821) regarding the health of Paul Coffin's wife. See #3.1 through 3.2 for related material in the bound account books. The series is arranged alphabetically by record type, and thereunder chronologically.


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personal papers

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Personal papers (1 carton)

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Coffin family papers

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Folders C.1.52-C.1.56