Account book 127, 1840-1845

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Account book listing charges made by customers between 1840 and 1845 and recorded by an unknown purveyor of goods and services. Entries are listed by customer, then chronologically by purchase.

Customers include: Moses Davis; John Dinsmore, Jr.; Simeon Kimbal; William McDaniel; Jeremiah Hall & Co.; Moses W. Nichols; and Henry Thorn, among numerous others.

Goods sold include: beans; butter; cider; cordwood; corn; haberdashery; hay; livestock; molasses; potatoes; salt; stair posts and other building materials, such as plaster; and tallow.

Services rendered include: apple picking; digging potatoes; harrowing; lumbering; and shoe making.

Book is a useful reference for establishing the prices of goods and services in the mid-nineteenth century. Examples include: a cord of wood, $1.74; overalls .58 cents a pair; and three quarts of molasses, .25 cents.

Hard-cover, bound volume, handwritten in ink, with 159 numbered pages. Top layer of paper cover of book torn, with right-side section missing.


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account books

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1 account book : ink (159 pages)

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