Account book of William Ballard, 1851-1868

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"William Ballard's diary, account book, memorandum, copies of letters. First entry March 29, 1851. Last June 1, 1868. (amended to July 16th, 1868). This entry is dated March 29, 1851." [see note below regarding time span.]

Accounts of a Boston merchant, itemizing furnishings and other household goods purchased shortly after his marriage to Martha Hill of Sullivan, ME in 1851. This is a very detailed record of expenditures for items ranging from large pieces to window shades, door plate, numbers on door, etc. and should be an excellent resource for those studying the furnishings and other goods appropriate to, or necessary for, a newly formed household.

The accounts are accompanied by a diary, largely concerning family members, as well as some events. The latter section of the book is devoted to a listing of the stocks owned by William Ballard, intermittently recorded from 1866 until 1893. These are entered in a different hand from the itemization of furnishings and the diary.

A number of loose items, including invoices, charges for duty, etc. are included. The residence of the Ballards was at 10 West Cedar St., Boston, MA.


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