Colonial American portraiture :the economic, religious, social, cultural, philosophical, scientific, and aesthetic foundations /Wayne Craven.

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Portraits, American.
Portraits, Colonial
Portraits, Colonial.
Peinture de portraits Histoire.
Civilization To 1783.


Craven, Wayne.


Preface: To know the portraits we must know the people -- Part I: Origins and beginnings, to 1680 -- The legacy of John Calvin: Christian virtues and a doctrine of prosperity -- Calvin, Milton, Cromwell, and the role of art: nationalism, naturalism, and the survival of the Elizabethan-Jacobean style -- The comeliness of attire and the loathsomeness of long hair: studies of iconography -- The seventeenth-century New England mercantile image: social content and style in the Freake portraits -- Portraits of prosperity versus images of gloom: the myth of old men and ministers, a Hawthorne legacy -- Seventeenth-century manuals on art, and the search for the early portrait painters -- Portraits of the Dutch in New Netherland -- Part II: The transition, 1680-1740 -- The signs of change, 1680-1740: Cotton Mather, royal governors, Anglicans, George Lillo and the merchants -- The transition in New England, to 1720: 'tis now the time for New England to dance -- Portraiture in New York, 1710-1735: Mezzotints and the Hudson Valley patroon painters -- Peter Pelham, art, and music: " ... if Madam & Miss are not suffered to shake their heels abroad, they will make the house & family shake at home" -- John Smibert: the Knelleresque ideal and the empiricism of George Berkeley -- John Smibert: the eighteenth-century colonial mercantile portrait style -- Virginia: the cultural prologue and the rise of proto-aristocratic portraiture in the 1690s -- The aristocratic fluorescence in Virginia, part I: provincial portraits and London dandies -- The aristocratic fluorescence in Virginia, part II: "pray go very clean, neat, and handsomely dressed to Virginia" -- Maryland and South Carolina before 1740 -- Part III: The culmination, 1740-1790 -- Prologue to the culmination of the colonial portrait style: the Calvinist heritage and Franklin's "way to wealth."
The development of the American character in a land of opportunity: materialism, pragmatism, independence, self-confidence, egalitarianism, and the merchantile portrait in the north -- Philosophers and scientists: nihil est in intellectu quod non prius fuerit in sensu -- An ambience of elegance -- Robert Feke and the formulation of the colonial American portrait style -- Blackburn and Wollaston -- Copley's Boston -- John Singleton Copley: the early years -- Copley: at the crest of his colonial career -- Copley: problems with grandeur and triumphs in moderation -- Painting in the south after 1740 -- Philadelphia, before Charles Willson Peale -- Charles Willson Peale -- Epilogue: Peale's portrait of Benjamin Franklin.


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xx, 459 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


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