The poetical works of John Dryden.

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5 volumes frontispiece (volumes 1: portrait) 18 cm.


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English poetry.


Dryden, John, 1631-1700.


Vol. 1: Life of Dryden / Reverend John Mitford -- Upon the death of Lord Hastings -- To his friend John Hoddesdon -- Heroic stanzas on the death of Oliver Cromwell -- Astraea redux -- To his sacred majesty -- To the Lord Chancellor Hyde -- Satire on the Dutch -- To her royal highness the duchess -- Annus mirabilis; the year of wonders, 1666 -- An essay upon satire -- Absalom and Achitophel part I.
Vol. II: Absalom and Achitophel part II -- The medal; a satire against sedition -- Religio laici; or, a layman's faith -- Threnodia Augustalis; a funeral Pindaric poem ; Verses to J. Northleigh ; The hind and the panther a poem in three parts -- Britannia rediviva: a poem on the birth of the prince, born on the 10th of June, 1688 -- Mac Flecknoe -- Epistles: To my honoured friend Sir Robert Howard, on his excellent poems ; To my honoured friend Dr. Charleton, on his learned and useful works, but more particularly his treatise on Stonehenge, by him restored to the true founder ; To the Lady Castlemain, upon her encouraging his first play ; To Mr Lee, on his Alexander ; To the Earl of Roscommon, on his excellent essay on translated verse ; To the Duchess of York, on her return from Scotland in the year 1682 ; A letter to Sir George Etheredge ; To Mr. Southerne, on his comedy called the Wives' Excuse ; To Henry Higden, Esq., on his translation of the tenth satire of Juvenal ; To my dear friend Mr. Congreve, on his comedy called the Double Dealer ; To Mr. Granville, on his excellent tragedy called Heroic Love ; To my friend Mr. Motteux, on his tragedy called Beauty in Distress ; To my honoured kinsman John Dryden, of Chesterton, in the county of Huntingdon, Esq. ; To Sir Godfrey Kneller, principal painter to his majesty --
Elegies and epitaphs: To the memory of Mr. Oldham ; To the pious memory of the accomplished young lady, Mrs Anne Killigrew ; Upon the death of the Earl of Dundee ; Eleonora, a panegyrical poem dedicated to the memory of the late Countess of Abingdon ; On the death of Amyntas ; On the death of a very young gentleman ; Upon Young Mr. Rogers, of Gloucestershire ; On the death of Mr. Purcell ; Epitaph on the Lady Whitmore ; Epitaph on Sir Palmes Fairbone's tomb in Westminster Abbey ; Under Mr. Milton's picture, before his paradise lost ; On the monument of a fair maiden lady, who died at Bath, and is there interred ; Epitaph on Mrs. Margaret Patson, of Burningham in Norfolk ; On the monument of Marquis of Winchester.
Vol. III: Songs, odes, and a masque: The fair stranger, a song ; On the young statesmen ; A song for St. Cecilia's day, 1687 ; Song farewell, fair Armida ; The lady's song ; Song 'fair, sweet, and young, receive a prize' ; Song 'high state and honours to others impart' ; Song 'go tell Amynta, gentle swain' ; Song to a fair young lady ; Alexander's feast or the power of music ; Veni creator spiritus, paraphrased ; The secular masque ; Song of a scholar and his mistress ; Songs in the Indian emperor ; Song in the maiden queen ; Songs in the conquest of Granada ; Song of the sea-fight, in Amboyna ; Incantation in Oedipus ; Songs in Albion and Albanius ; Songs in King Arthur ; Song of jealousy, in love triumphant --
Prologues and epilogues: Prologue to the rival ladies ; Prologue to the Indian queen ; Epilogue to the Indian queen ; Epilogue to the Indian emperor ; Prologue to Sir Martin Marr-all ; Prologue to the tempest ; Prologue to tyrannic love ; Epilogue to the wild gallant ; Prologue, spoken the first day of the King's house acting after the fire ; Epilogue to the second part of the conquest of Granada ; Prologue to Amboyna ; Epilogue to Amboyna ; Prologue, spoken at the opening of the new house ; Prologue to Circe ; Epilogue, intended to have been spoken by the Lady Hen. Mar. Wentworth ; Prologue to Aurengzebe ; Epilogue to the man of mode ; Epilogue to all for love ; Prologue to Limberham ; Epilogue to Mithradates, King of Pontus ; Prologue to Oedipus ; Epilogue to Oedipus ; Prologue to Troilus and Cressida ; Prologue to Caesar Borgia ; Prologue to Sophonisba ; A prologue ; Prologue to the University of Oxford ; Prologue to his royal highness ; Prologue to the earl of Essex ; An epilogue for the king's house ; Prologue to the loyal brother ; Prologue to the king and queen ; Prologue to the University of Oxford ; Epilogue, spoken by Mr. Hart ; Epilogue, spoken by Mrs. Marshall ; Prologue to the University of Oxford ; Prologue to the University of Oxford ; Prologue to Albion and Albanius ; Epilogue to Albion and Albanius ; Prologue to Arviragus and Philicia ; Prologue to Don Sebastian ; Prologue to the prophetess ; Prologue to the mistakes ; Prologue to King Arthur ; Epilogue to Henry II ; Prologue to Albumazar ; An epilogue ; Epilogue to the husband his own cuckold ; Prologue to the pilgrim ; Epilogue to the pilgrim --
Translations from Theocritus, Lucretius, and Horace: Preface to the second miscellany ; Amaryllis, or, the third Idyllium of Theocritus, paraphrased ; The epithalamium of Helen and Menelaus ; The despairing lover ; The beginning of the first book of Lucretius ; The beginning of the second book of Lucretius ; The latter part of the third book of Lucretius ; From the fifth book of Lucretius ; The third ode of the first book of Horace ; The ninth ode of the first book of Horace ; The twenty-ninth ode of the first book of Horace ; The second epode of Horace -- To his grace the duke of Ormond -- Preface prefixed to the fables -- To her grace the duchess of Ormond -- Palamon and Arcite, or, the knight's tale -- The cock and the fox.
Vol. IV: The flower and the leaf -- The wife of Bath, her tale -- The character of a good person -- Translations from Boccace: Sigismonda and Guiscardo ; Theodore and Honoria ; Cymon and Iphigenia -- Translations from Ovid's Metamorphoses: To the right honourable Lord Radcliffe ; The first book of Ovid's Metamorphoses; The golden age ; The silver age ; The brazen age ; The iron age ; The giants' war ; The transformation of Daphne into a laurel ; The transformation of Io into a heifer ; The eyes of Argus transformed into a peacock's train ; The transformation of Syrinx into reeds ; Meleager and Atalanta, out of the eighth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; Baucis and Philemon, out of the eighth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; The fable of Iphis and Ianthe, from the ninth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; Pygmalion and the statue, from the tenth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; Cinyras and Myrrha, out of the tenth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; Ceyx and Alcyone, out of the tenth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; Aesacus transformed into a cormorant, from the eleventh book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; The twelfth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses, wholly translated ; The speeches of Ajax and Ulysses, from the thirteenth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; The story of Acis, Polyphemus, and Galatea, from the thirteenth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses ; Of the Pythagorean philosophy from the fifteenth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses.
Vol. V: Translations from Ovid's epistles: Preface concerning Ovid's epistles ; Canace to Macareus ; Helen to Paris ; Dido to Aeneas -- Translations from Ovid's Art of Love: The first book of Ovid's Art of Love ; Ovid's amours -- Translations from Juvenal: First satire ; Third satire ; Sixth satire ; Sixteenth satire -- Translations from Persius: First satire ; Second satire ; Third satire ; Fourth satire ; Fifth satire ; Sixth satire -- Translations from Homer: The first book of Homer's Ilias ; The last parting of Hector and Andromache -- The art of poetry: Canto I ; Canto II ; Canto III ; Canto IV -- The latter part of the fourth book of Lucretius -- Daphnis and Chloris -- The tears of Amynta, for the death of Damon -- A song - 'Slvia, the fair, in the bloom of fifteen' -- Rondelay - 'Chloe found Amyntas lying' -- The te deum -- Hymn for St. John's eve -- On the marriage of Mrs. Anastasia Stafford -- To Matilda, on the anniversary of our marriage.


Boston, Little, Brown, and Co.

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The British poets
British poets.


5 volumes frontispiece (volumes 1: portrait) 18 cm.


Volume I inscribed "C. W. Amory / from / J. C. W. / Jan. 1st '63.
Volume I enclosure "C. W. Amory / from / J. C. W. / with best wishes for a / "Happy New Year" "
Gift of Catherine Coolidge Lastavica

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CPT CPT-01-110.315 (Volume I)