The works of Mr. Edmund Spenser. :In six volumes. With a glossary explaining the old and obscure words. /Publish'd by Mr. Hughes.

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6 v. : ill. ; 17 cm (12mo)


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English poetry.


Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599.
Hughes, John, 1677-1720.
Bathurst, Theodore, -1651.
Dillingham, William, 1617?-1689.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. Shepherd's calendar.
Tonson, Jacob, 1656?-1736, bookseller.


V. 1.: A letter of the author explaining his design in the poem of the Fairy Queen.--Verses to the author of the Fairy Queen.--Verses of the author, with his Fairy Queen, to several persons of quality.--Fairy Queen, Bk. I.--V. 2.: Fairy Queen, Bk. II-III.--V. 3: Fairy Queen, Bk. IV-V.--V. 4: Bk. Vi-VII.--Shepherd's Calendar.--Colin Clout's come home again.--Virgil's Gnat.--V. 5.: Prosopopoia or, Mother Hubberd's Tale.--Amoretti, or Sonnets.--Poems.--Prothalamion.--Epithalamion.--Fo ur Hyms.--Daphnaida.--Muiopotmos.--The tears of the muses.--The visions of Petrach.--The ruines of Rome.--Visions of the world's vanity.--Astrophel.--The mourning muse of Thestylis.--A pastoral aeglogue upon the death of Sir Philip Sidney.--an elegy, or, Friend's passion for his Astrophel.--An epitaph upon the Right Honourable Sir Philip Sidney.--V. 6.: The ruines of time.--Britain's Ida.--A view of the state of Ireland.--Calendarium pastorale, sive Aeglogae Duodecim.--Letters between Mr. Spenser and Mr. Gabriel Harvey.


London; : Printed for Jacob Tonson at Shakespear's Head, over against Catherine-street in the Strand


6 v. : ill. ; 17 cm (12mo)


Paged continuously (viii, cxl, 1758 p.). Fine paper copies have xviii p. at front of collation, p. ix-xviii being "Subscribers to the royal paper of Spenser's works."
Conserved by Marie Oedel.
Vol. I inscribed "E. G. A. / from / G. G. A. / Xmas / 1904"
"Errata"--Page cxl.
Includes Theodore Bathurst's Latin translation of Spenser's Shepherd's calendar, under title Calendarium pastorale (p. 1673-1744), edited by William Dillingham.
Gift of Catherine Coolidge Lastavica.

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CPT CPT-01-109.96 (Vol. I)
CPT CPT-01-109.97 (Vol. II)
CPT CPT-01-109.98 (Vol. III)
CPT CPT-01-109.99 (Vol. IV)
CPT CPT-01-109.100 (Vol. V)
CPT CPT-01-109.101 (Vol. VI)



Variant Title

Calendarium pastorale.