The complete works of Count Tolstoy.

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24 volumes frontispieces, plates, portraits, facsimiles 24 cm



Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.
Wiener, Leo, 1862-1939, ed. and tr.


v. 1. Childhood, boyhood, youth; The incursion.--v. 2. A landed proprietor; The Cossacks; Sevastopol.--v. 3. A Moscow acquaintance; The snow-storm; Domestic happiness; Miscellanies.--v. 4 Pedagogical articles; Linen-measurer.--v. 5-8. War and peace.--v. 9-11. Anna Karénin.--v. 12. Fables for children; Stories for children; Natural science stories; Popular education; Decembrist; Moral tales.--v. 13. My confession; Critique of dogmatic theology.--v. 14-15. The four gospels harmonized and translated.--v. 16. My religion; On life; Thoughts on God; On the meaning of life.--v. 17. What shall we do then? On the Moscow census; Collected articles.--v. 19. Walk in the light while ye have light; Thoughts and aphorisims; Letters; Miscellanies.--v. 20. The kingdom of God is within you; Christianity and patriotism; Miscellanies.--v. 21. Resurrection, v. 1.--v. 22. Resurrection, v. 2.; What is art? The Christian teaching.--v. 23. Miscellaneous letters and essays.--v. 24. Latest works; Life; General index; Bibliography.


[Boston], [D. Estes & Co.]


24 volumes frontispieces, plates, portraits, facsimiles 24 cm


"Édition de luxe, limited to one thousand copies." This set is numbered 25.
Gift of Catherine Coolidge Lastavica

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CPT CPT-01-110.101 (Volume I)
CPT CPT-01-110.102 (Volume II)
CPT CPT-01-110.103 (Volume III)
CPT CPT-01-110.104 (Volume IV)
CPT CPT-01-110.105 (Volume V)
CPT CPT-01-110.106 (Volume VI)
CPT CPT-01-110.107 (Volume VII)
CPT CPT-01-110.108 (Volume VIII)
CPT CPT-01-110.109 (Volume IX)
CPT CPT-01-110.110 (Volume X)
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CPT CPT-01-110.113 (Volume XIII)
CPT CPT-01-110.114 (Volume XIV)
CPT CPT-01-110.115 (Volume XV)
CPT CPT-01-110.116 (Volume XVI)
CPT CPT-01-110.117 (Volume XVII)
CPT CPT-01-110.118 (Volume XVIII)
CPT CPT-01-110.119 (Volume XIX)
CPT CPT-01-110.120 (Volume XX)
CPT CPT-01-110.121 (Volume XXI)
CPT CPT-01-110.122 (Volume XXII)
CPT CPT-01-110.123 (Volume XXIII)
CPT CPT-01-110.124 (Volume XXIV)


[Limited ed. Translated from the original Russian and edited by Leo Wiener].

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