Alterations to the Chancel of Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston, Mass., undated


This rendering of alterations to the chancel at Trinity Church, in Copley Square, is beautifully detailed. The chancel, or the space around the altar, is the focal piece. Jesus overlooks a precipice of ornate pews and altars. Latin is inscribed on the wall, and carefully painted lambs and other biblical figures grace the walls.


Descriptive Terms

three-point perspectives (drawings)
altars (religious building fixtures)
chancel arches
churches (buildings)
renderings (drawings)

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16 X 18 in., drawing

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General architectural and cartographic collection

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Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)

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Maginnis & Walsh

Material Type

renderings (drawings)

Other People

Richardson, H. H. (Henry Hobson), 1838-1886

Other Organizations

Maginnis & Walsh



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Historical/Biographical Note

Historical/Biographical Note

Built in 1872, the Trinity Church at Copley Square, in Boston, Mass., is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. It was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, and is the building that establsihed Richardson's style.

Maginnis & Walsh was an architectural firm that started in 1905. During the first half of the 20th century, they worked on a variety of famous buildings in the Boston area, such as: St. Aidan's in Brookline, Our Lady of the Presenation Catholic Church in Brighton, Emmanuel Colllege in the Fens area, and the chancel at Trinity Church in Copley Square.