Drawing of the First National Bank Building, Boston, Mass.


This is a 14'' X 10'' perspective drawing of the First National Bank Building in Boston, MA, built in the Rennaissance Revival style. It is a two-perspective colored pencil drawing depicting the building and its manicured lawn, with a walkway to the front. People in 19th century clothing are walking around the building.


Descriptive Terms

two-point perspectives (perspective views)
Renaissance Revival
Federal Reserve banks
colored pencils
two-point perspectives (perspective views)

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14'' X 10'' perspective drawing, colored pencil

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General architectural and cartographic collection

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This is a copy of original drawing by Jules Guerin, 1900.

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Donated by Stuart Drake in December, 1997.


Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)

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Sturgis, R. Clipston, 1860-1951 (Architect)

Material Type

two-point perspectives (perspective views)

Other People

Sturgis, R. Clipston, 1860-1951
Guerin , Jules, 1866-1946



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Historical/Biographical Note

Historical/Biographical Note

Architect Richard Clipston Sturgis attributes his drawing to the original by Jules Guerin, publised by the Forbes Lithographic Manufacturing Company in Boston, Mass ca. 1900. This drawing by Sturgis was cited in the 1908 Boston Achitectural Club Yearbook.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston took over the First National Bank's location at 53 State Street in 1915. By 1919, the building was too small for the growing bank, and a new building was proposed. Sturgis was chosen as the architect for the new building. Construction began in 1920 and was finished in 1922, featuring the bank is Rennassiance Revival style. In 1977, the Boston Fed moved once more to its current site at 600 Atlantic Ave. Sturgis' 1922 building was declared a Boston landmark in the 1980s and now hosts a luxury hotel, the Langham.

Source: http://www.bostonfed.org/about/history/