Beautiful pearls of Catholic truth, containing the teachings of the holy Catholic church, and the sacred books of the Bible as interpreted by the one truth church founded by Our Divine Saviour ...together with biographies of illustrious saints ...from the writings of the following distringuished authors, Rt. Rev. Bernard O'Reilly, LL. D., His Eminence Cardinal Henry Edward Manning, Rt. Rev. Thomas O'Gorman, D.D., Rev. Arnold Damen, S.J., and other eminent Catholic writers of Europe and American, to which is added a sketch of the apostle of temperance, Father Mathew, and total abstinence from a Catholic point of view; profusely embellished with superb illustrations in colors, phototype and wood engravings.

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O'Reilly, Bernard, 1823-1907.


Boston, E. Gately & Co.

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IC-AHD CC010.007.007 Box B2 (barcode 000011077)