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1880-1973, undated



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Untitled scrapbook. Scrapbook has red fabric cover and is held together by twine laced through six eyelets. The number "6" is handwritten on spine. Scrapbook contains 50 pages. The bulk of the materials are clippings from 19th century and 20th century periodicals, catalogs, and magazines, such as "Arts and Decoration," "House and Garden," "Country Life," and "The American Architect." The clippings depict a variety of hotel and restaurant interiors in the United States and Europe. Included in the scrapbook is a booklet (9in x 12in) called "The Story of the Hotel Commodore." The first page has clippings from a special issue of "Good Furniture" (May 1916) dedicated to "The Modern Hotel." Album has sustained water damage and some pages are stuck together.

An incomplete alphabetical list of the locations is as follows: Belmont Hotel (Chicago, IL); Blackstone (Chicago, IL); Congress Hotel (Chicago, IL); Continental Hotel (Philadelphia, PA); Copley-Plaza Hotel (Boston, MA); Fairmont Hotel (San Francisco, CA); Fort Pitt Hotel (Pittsburgh, PA); Gaylord Apartments (Los Angeles, CA); Goshen Inn (Goshen, NY); Hotel Ambassador (New York, NY); Hotel Astor (New York, NY); Hotel Belvedere (Baltimore, MD); Hotel Biltmore (New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA); Hotel Carnavalet (Paris, France); Hotel Commodore (New York, NY); Hotel Dieu (Beaune, France); Hotel Gibson (Cincinnati, OH); Hotel Gotham (New York, NY); Hotel Grunthuse (Bruges, Belgium); Hotel Knickerbocker (New York, NY); Hotel La Salle (Chicago, IL); Hotel Leland (Springfield, IL); Hotel Manhattan (New York, NY); Hotel McAlpin (New York, NY); Hotel Oakland (Oakland, CA); Hotel Onondaga (Syracuse, NY); Hotel Pantlind (Grand Rapids, MI); Hotel Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA); Hotel Royal Bermudiana (Hamilton, Bermuda); Hotel Sinton (Cincinnati, OH); Hotel Saint Regis (New York, NY); Hotel Statler (Buffalo, NY); Hotel Sylvania (Philadelphia, PA); Hotel Traymore (Atlantic City, NJ); Hotel Vanderbilt (New York, NY); Lake Shore Drive Hotel (Chicago, IL); Leamington, Maillard's Restaurant (New York, NY); Palace Hotel (San Francisco, CA); Park Lane Hotel (New York, NY); Plaza Hotel (New York, NY); Pre Catelan (Paris, France); Rheingold Restaurant (Berlin, Germany); Ritz Hotel (Montreal, Canada; London, England; and New York, NY); Ritz-Carlton Hotel (New York, NY); Robert Treat Hotel; Roosevelt Hotel (New York, NY); Saint Francis Hotel (San Francisco, CA); Statler Hotel (Boston, MA); Waldorf-Astoria (New York, NY); and William Penn Hotel (Pittsburgh, PA).


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hotels (public accommodations)
interior design

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Strong Museum number 268.16

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1 scrapbook (16 x 11 1/2 x 1 inches)

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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16 x 11 1/2 x 1 (HxWxD)(inches)

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Possibly A. H. Davenport Co. (American furniture manufactory, active late 19th-early 20th centuries) (Compiler)
Possibly Irving & Casson (Compiler)
Possibly Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. (Compiler)

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