Portfolio 8: Wales, Emery, and Colonial House B


This portfolio case contains black and white photographs of four New England homes. Homes photographed include Quincy W. & Isabelle Wales’ home in West Newton, Mass., Miss G. H. Emery’s home in Jaffrey New Hampshire, and a colonial house in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Items in all folders mention Raymond’s partner Henry Atherton Frost, but only the house in Winchester is specifically described as having been built by both Raymond and Frost. Photographs in the three other folders contain notes with references to Frost and Killam. See folder descriptions for further information on Killam and what role he may have played in the design of these properties.


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3 folders

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Eleanor Raymond photographic collection

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Each folder in this portfolio case contains photographs of a specific property. Folder titles are in bold and provide information on the name, owner and location of the property. Additional information on the folder contents and architectural structure photographed is included below the title. When available, references specifically relevant to the folder contents have also been listed and described. References include articles in folder 10 as well as additional resources.