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Subseries I, Other papers, 1850-1890, undated (#40.9, 40.22-40.23, 41.10-41.13, 41.25-41.26, 42.1-42.3, 42.28-42.30), contains records relating to calculations; estimates and expenditures; instruments issued; the Monument roof; receipts; notes; drawings; publications; letters regarding a conflict with the Washington Monument Society; a poem on the Monument; and a photograph of the Monument. The calculations contain information on weight; additions to the Monument; the draining of Babcock Lake; calculations from the corners of the templates to the face of the marble (includes rough sketches); and other general calculations. The estimates and expenditure include building costs; repairs to the green house; terracing; the cost of the obelisk; lighting; plastering; completion estimates; wages; and general project costs. Records regarding the roof include notes on the project, a sketch of the inscription for the apex, and estimates on materials and cutters. Publications include advertisements for Portland Cement and a guide book to Washington, D.C. The letters regarding the conflict with the Washington Monument Society relate to the Society's memorial stone and is comprised of letters from Horatio King. The drawings include prints of plan and sections showing work progress and a print of Bunker Hill (Boston, Massachusetts), which was used for comparison purposes (includes notes). Other items include receipts, a poem written about the Monument, and an 1881 photograph of the Monument.


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Casey family papers

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Folders 40.22-40.23, 41.10-41.13, 41.25-41.26, 42.1-42.3, 42.28-42.30