Papers of Robert Mills


Subseries A, Papers of Robert Mills, 1848-1854, undated (#40.1-40.5), contains the papers of Robert Mills, the original architect assigned to work on the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. The papers include contracts, estimates, expenditures, reports, and machinery complications regarding marble cutting. The contracts include documents regarding the obelisk and A.D. Bishop; Roach and the hauling of stone; and Alex R. [? Batelen] and the delivery of cement. The estimates focus on A.D. Bishop and the foundation of the obelisk and William Dougherty and the Monument's shaft. Expenditures pertain to the foundation and gearing by William Dougherty (early superintendent of construction). The reports are Robert Mills' plans regarding construction and materials; height of the foundations; and the strength and scaling of the marble (the undated report is signed by James Renwick, Jr., as well as by Robert Mills). The machinery complications concern William Dougherty and the complications with the marble cutting.


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Casey family papers

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Folders 40.1-40.5