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Subseries D. Other papers, ca.1859-1986, undated (#2.36-2.37, 2.43-2.45, 2.48, 2.52, 3.19-3.20, OB.x.x-OB.x.x) contains letters and notes received by Antoinette Louise Pierce, including several from her distant cousin and future husband, George Frederick Pierce (1858-1934); financial investment records; literary materials related to Antoinette Louise Pierce's high school education, including a group of school essays, a poem, and her valedictory speech. Genealogical materials include brief notes on several Pierces (and variant spellings of the name) recorded in the church records of St. Andrew's Parish in Plymouth, England. The series also includes three scrapbooks kept by Antoinette Louise Pierce. The first, with materials dating from approximately 1860-1885, consists of engravings, woodblock illustrations, and pen and ink drawings slipped from periodicals of the day. The illustrations reflect the imagination and interests of a young woman of the late nineteenth century, depicting lively, humorous, romantic and sometimes lurid scenes. An illustration identified as "Emily Brewster, 1910" may be a later addition. The second, dated c. 1897-1937, includes primarily newspaper clippings. Also includes a typescript poem entitled "As They That Wait for the Morning" with the handwritten notation, "from Dolly, at time of Robert's death." Also includes catering bill from Antoinette Louise Pierce and George Frederick Pierce's fiftieth wedding anniversary party, programs from religious services, a postcard written while sender was traveling in Japan, and school graduation programs. The third, dated 1859-1986, consists primarily of newspaper clippings. It also includes copied poems and songs, artwork by Melissa Withington Pierce (1809-1897), printed illustrations of France, the United Kingdom, and other countries, ephemera relating to Dorchester, correspondence, personality tests, Hood Company publications and reports, a copy of a speech on the dairy industry, a Lewis F. Pierce document, a newspaper account of the Old Blake House chapter of the D.A.R. to Otis House, geneal ogical records, and one Harvard Lampoon document. The last scrapbook, dated 1909-1929, contains materials from the Physical Culture Extension Society, Susanna Cocroft, President. There are instructional materials on diet and exercise, as well as details for the treatment of digestive ailments. This scrapbook also includes newspaper clippings relating to health and diet, as well as general newspaper clippings.


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personal papers

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Personal papers

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Pierce family papers

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personal papers

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Folders 2.36-2.37, 2.43-2.45, 2.48, 2.52, 3.19-3.20, OB.x.x-OB.x.x