Financial records


Subseries B, Financial records, 1765-1811, undated (#1.21-1.28), contains an account book; an account sheet; bills and receipts; a U.S. Treasury bond; poll and property taxes; tax receipts; and other financial records. Pierce's folio account book, with entries spanning the years 1767-1811, provides substantial information on Pierce's economic activities during most of his adult life. Records relate to purchases, sales, and bartering transactions for both labor and commodities. The transactions demonstrate an intricate web of interdependence within the family and community and provide details on Pierce's wide range of domestic and farm activities, which include crops, livestock, dairy production, beekeeping, orchards and cider making, as well as fishing, carpentry, masonry, and carting work. Additionally, the account book provides information on Pierce's civic duties during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783); it also documents the provisions Pierce purchased from the Town of Dorchester in Massachusetts, which Pierce supplied to women whose husbands were serving in the Continental Army. The bills and receipts include a 1782 bill received by John Boies from Thomas Holman, which was paid by Pierce, and five other receipts for household and farm purchases made between 1782 and 1807. The tax records include tax receipts made out to Pierce relating to taxes paid at the town, county, and province/state level; poll taxes; taxes paid on houses, land, and other personal property in Dorchester, Massachusetts; and taxes paid on the estates of Pierce's mother, Abigail Moseley Pierce (1711-1776), and Pierce's brother, Deacon Edward Pierce (1735-1818). Also included in the subseries is a 1765 carpenter's account sheet; and a 1791 U.S. Treasury bond. The subseries is arranged alphabetically by record type, and thereunder chronologically.


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financial records

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Financial records

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Pierce family papers

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financial records

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Folders 1.21-1.28