Military records


Subseries C. Military records, 1918-1968 (#3.34-3.43) contains military commissions, certificates of enrollment, commendations, orders and correspondence for Pierce's service in the United States Naval Reserve Forces (USNRF) during and just after World War I, and his service in the United States Coast Guard Reserve Forces (USCGRF) during World War II. Pierce served as an ensign in the USNRF, 1918-1920, with postings in New York, San Francisco, and Norfolk, Virginia. Pierce served as a temporary member of the USCGRF with the rank of ensign, assigned to duty in South Boston from 1943-1945. Military commissions and certificates of enrollment for Roger Grenway Pierce's service in the USNRF and USCGRF are part of this series. His 1919 USNRF Commission as ensign is signed by Joseph M. Daniel, Secretary of the Navy. The subseries also includes a certificate honoring the memory of Pierce and his military service, signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968. Orders of transfer and release sent to Roger Grenway Pierce during his USNRF service during and soon after World War I are part of this subseries. The transfer orders relate to his moves from the U.S. Naval Auxiliary Reserve, Municipal Ferry Terminal in New York City to San Francisco, California, and reassignment from the U.S.S. Edgecombe (based in Norfolk, Virginia) to do shore duty with the Naval Overseas Transportation Service in Norfolk. Miscellaneous military correspondence received and sent by Roger Grenway Pierce, relating to his military service during World War I and World War II is also included in this subseries.


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military records

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Military records

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Pierce family papers

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military records

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Folders 3.34-3.43