Journal -- 1925


Bound journal containing 400 pages, twelve of which are blank, that was prepared by Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders dated March 6, 1925 (order #280 through December 31, 1925 (order #19119). Orders include repairs as well as sales of new furniture. Orders are listed in numerical order; however, not all numbers in the sequence are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, customer address, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, and cabinet maker. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record. A transcription of the journal is available. Also included in the back of the journal is an alphabetical listing of customer names and the related page numbers.
Customers named in the journal include: A. M. Byers Co.; Gordon Abbott; John N. Abbott; C. F. Adams; William Adams; Mrs. J. E. Aldrich; H. M. Aldrich; Mrs. Thomas Bailey Aldrich; W. L. Allen; Nils Alsen; Mrs. Oakes Ames; Mrs. Oliver Ames; John Amicangioli; Harcourt Amory; Mrs. Harold Amory; Mrs. H. E. Anderson; H. W. Anderson; Joseph E. Anderson; Mrs. K. F. Anderson; Marion Anderson; M. S. Andrews; Mrs. Ed Ansin; B. H. Anthony; Octavius Applegate, Jr.; A. S. Apsey; Arista Sales Co.; R. W. Atkins; Mrs. Edward Atkinson; Atlantic National Bank; Atlantic Radio Co.; Nathaniel Ayer; F. L. Babbott Jr.; A. B. Bacon; Miss M. P. Bacon; Louis Baer (Winchester, MA); Edward Baker; Mrs. M. M. Baker; George Chandler Baldwin; S. W. Ballard; H. B. Ballou, Jr.; E. R. Banker; Melvin Banker; M. S. Barber; Mrs. Philip Bard; Fred W. Barden; Miss E. G. Barker; The Misses Barnes; Barnett & Sherman Inc.; S. L. Bartlett; Mrs. F. O. Barton; Mary L. Barton; Nora Bayes; Mrs. A. K. Baylor; Beacon St. Trust Co.; Mrs. W. J. Beattie; J. G. Beebe; G. W. Bell; Mrs. A. F. Bemis; Samuel L. Benyer; James Beresford; H. Berkowitz; G. H. Binney; H. B. Binney; Mrs. Francis Bird; Black Point Inn (Scarborough,ME); Mrs. K. D. Blackfan; M. L. Blake; William O. Blake; E. J. Bliss; A. K. Blood; Mrs. C. H. Bond; Mrs. William S. Booth; Harold D. Bornstein; Boston Architectural Club; J. D. Bosworth; J. E. Boucher; E. R. Bourne; A. H. Bowditch; Bowery Savings Bank; Mrs. F. T. Bradbury; H. P. Bradford; H. G. Bradlee (Brookline, MA); Miss A. A. Bradley; Mrs. David A. Brayton; H. H. Brayton; Clarence Brazer; Mrs. John Breckinridge; Mrs. Edith G. Briggs; Mrs. W. M. Broderick; Mrs. Henry G. Brooks; Brown Bros. & Co.; E. P. Brown (Newton, MA); Mrs. George W. Brown; Mrs. Harold Brown; Mrs. Harry E. Brown; Joseph T. Brown; Leroy S. Brown; F. C. Bruce; Clarence B. Bruns; Fred L. Bruns; L. F. Bryant; J. Buckley; W. Starling Burgess; Mrs. F. J. Burnham; Mary C. Burnham; Mrs. M. S. Burnhome; Allston Burr; F. N. Bushnell; Miss I. B. Butler; P. F. Butler; Judge Cabot; E. B. Cahill; Cambridge Gas Light Co. (Cambridge, MA); Cambridge Lodge of Elks (Cambridge, MA); Mrs. A. F. Carpenter; Frank Carpenter; Samuel Carr; Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. (Chicago, IL); F. M. Carter; Nellie P. Carter; Mrs. James D. Casey; Robert Casson (Newton Centre, MA); Mrs. J. A. Chadwick; Chandler & Co.; Chapel of the Sacred Heart; Mrs. Henry B. Chapin; Earle Perry Charlton 2nd; Mrs. David Cheever; Ruth F. Chisholm; Choate School (Wallingford, CT); Christ Protestant Episcopal Church; F. C. Church; Mr. and Mrs. Adams D. Claflin; Mrs. Edward A. Clark; George Clark; Paul Clark (Brookline, MA); Mrs. F. S. Cleghorn; Clara E. Clement; G. K. Clement; Cleveland Public Library (Cleveland, OH); T. J. Clexton; A. M. Coats; Miss L. E. Cobb; Miss G. Cochrane; George P. Cogswell; George I. Cohen; Mrs. B. E. Cole; H. Coleman; M. C. Coleman; D. F. Comstock; Mrs. Harry Conant 2nd; Conant Bros. Co.; Congregational Church; Ruth V. Cook; H. P. Cooley; Coolidge & Cranston; Miss E. E. Coolidge; John Coolidge; Stoney Coolidge; Mrs. W. H. Coolidge; Mrs. H. D. Cooper; L. C. Cooper; R. W. Corey; Mrs. Freeman Corson; Mrs. C. T. Cracken; George A. Craigin; Cram & Ferguson; Ralph Adams Cram; Mrs. Stuart W. Cramer; H. H. Crapo (Newtonville, MA); Calvert Crary; Ralph Crimmins; T. A. Crimmins; Edgar Crocker; U. H. Crocker; Mrs. W. l. Crocker; A. W. Crocker; Mrs. Howard Crossman; Miss Cruft; Paul L. Cummings; Agnes Cummins; Mrs. B. S. Cunningham; C. W. Curtis; H. C. Curtis; R. C. Curtis; Mrs. F. M. Cushing; C. F. Cushman; Elton G. Cushman (Taunton, MA); N. L. Cushman; R. C. Cushman; Mrs. George Cutler; Mrs. G. B. Dabney; Morgan W. Daboll; Albion L. Danforth; A. M. Davis; V. Bruce Davis; Frank A. Day Jr.; H. B. Day; Norma De Lora; Mrs. Henry E. Decatur; Lockwood De Forest; George Defren; Mrs. George C. Dempsey; Mrs. H. S. Dennison; W. S. Dennison; Mrs. Frederick C. DeVeau; Charles O. Dexter; Rose Dexter; E. E. Dickinson; Robert E. Dietz; M. B. Dill; William H. Doliber; Mrs. H. G. Donham; Mary J. Donnelly (Newton, MA); Mrs. M. A. Doran; Alvin D. Dorr; R. D. Douglas; Mrs. H. B. Dow; W. E. Dowd; Jere Arthur Downes (Winchester, MA); Marie Doyle; Mrs. Wilton E. Drake; B. H. B. Draper; Mrs. J. Sumner Draper; Miss E. S. Driscoll; Mrs. John Duff Jr.; Mrs. George E. Duffy; F. C. Dumaine; H. C. Dunbar; William B. Dunning; Dr. Paul Duxbury; W. H. Dyer; T. W. Dynes; E. H. Rollins & Son; M. T. Eager; Mrs. W. S. Eaton; C. F. Edgarton; Miss H. M. Edwards; R. W. Emmons 2nd; Employers' Liability Assurance Co. (Boston, MA); H. Wendell Endicott; W. C. Endicott; Mrs. R. Engstrom (Lexington, MA); A. Erlich; Mrs. A. H. Eustis; Wilmot R. Evans; Walter M. Evatt; Mrs. H. C. Everett; F. Schumacher & Co.; H. E. Fales; Mrs. John W. Farlow; Mrs. James C. Farrell; Mrs. R. D. Farrington; H. M. Faxon; H. N. Faxon; Mrs. H. H. Fay; F. M. Ferrin (Newton, MA); Fred Filoon; A. W. Finley; Jack Finn; First M.E. Church; FIrst National Bank; First Presbyterian Church; Caroline Fish; Fishers Island Corp. (Fishers Island, NY); Mrs. Harry W. Fisher; L. H. Fitch; Fitch-Bryant Inc. (Boston, MA); Mrs. A. C. Flamman; Harry Fletcher; Clara Fopiano; Edward Forbes; Mrs. E. S. Fraser; George Freemand; L. V. Friedman; Paul Frost; Alvan T. Fuller; Mrs. Carl S. Fuller; Isabelle T. Fuller; Mrs. William Gammell; Addison L. Gardiner; Miss A. R. Gavett; S. M. Gavin; George W. Gillis Co.; George Brown & Co.; Edwin S. George; George W. Gilmore; C. E. Glendenning; Goddard Bros.; Miss Godfrey; Mrs. E. Goldman; Vincent Goldthwaite; Mrs. Lloyd M. Goodwin; Mrs. Robert S. Gorham; Thomas Gorham; Albert Y. Gowen; Grace M.E. Church (Greensboro, NC); R. M. Grant; C. M. Grasberg; Robert H. Grass; John M. Graton; Gray Furniture Co.; Mrs. S. H. Greene; Thomas E. Greenway; John Gribbell; Mrs. Russell Grinnell; G. M. Grossberg; Gertrude Guiler; F. W. Gurney; David A. Haig; Haji Co.; G. A. Hall; Mrs. Henry S. Hall; Martin T. Hall; Mrs. E. M. Hallett; Ralph Hannaford; George R. Harding; H. R. Hardwick; J. E. Harlowe; A. Hartman; Harvard Trust Co.; Harvard University (Cambridge, MA); H. K. Hatfield; Mrs. Dwight Hauman; Edward A. Hauss; Harry T. Hayward (Franklin, MA); J. N. Heald; Hegeman & Harris; Mrs. J. D. Henderson; L. J. Henderson; R. F. Herrick; Heldise E. Hersey; E. D. Hewins; Charles R. Hickox; Mrs. John J. Hicks; George K. Higgins; Arthur C. Hill; D. M. Hill; Mrs. John Sprunt Hill (Durham, NC); Mrs. Samuel L. Hills; A. H. Hinds; F. W. Hobbs; W. E. Hodge; Hodgson Kennard & Co. (Boston, MA); T. C. Hollander; C. R. Holmes; H. Holt Jr.; Henry Hornblower (Boston, MA); Ralph Hornblower; Mrs. D. K. Horten; William C. Hotchkin; Hotel Buckminster (Boston, MA); C. S. Houghton; Edward R. Houghton; Mrs. M. G. Houghton; L. P. Howe; Mrs. Ernest S. Howes; E. M. Howland; Mrs. Allan Hubbard; Mrs. Gorham Hubbard; Hiram C. Hughes; Miss F. M. Humphrey; Walter Humphrey; Mrs. Arthur Hunnewell; Harry H. Hunter; J. D. Hunter; Mrs. Harrison B. Huntoon; Mrs. F. E. Huntress; Mrs. G. N. Hurd; Hutchins & French (Boston, MA); Anna W. Ingersoll; D. A. Ingraham; Arthur Irving; Charles R. Irving; Mrs. H. W. Ittmann; A. T. Jack; D. L. Jackson; M. W. Jackson; R. W. Jackson; Jenkins Bros.; J. Jenkins; Mrs. Charles Jenney; Malcolm Jenney; Miss Q. M. Jennings; T. E. Jewell; F. R. Jewett; B P. Johnson; George B. Johnson; Mrs. L. J. Johnson; M. L. Johnson; T. J. A. Johnson (Magnolia, MA); Miss E. H. Jones; H. L. Jones; J. D. E. Jones; Mrs. M. B. Jones; Jordan Marsh Co. (Boston, MA); Miss K. C. Keepers; M. E. Kelleher; Harrison Keller; C. F. Kelley; Mrs. F. L. Kendall; Olive Kenney; Mrs. E. L. Kent; Wallace D. Kenyon; Mrs. L. C. Kimball; Otis Kimball; Tarrant King; Mrs. W. R. King; Mrs. Louis Kirstein; Mrs. Bliss Knapp; C. P. Knight; W. E. Ladd; Enoch I. Lahty; Lamson & Hubbard; J. M. Lasell; John R. Latz; A. E. Lawrence; Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Leavitt; George C. Lee; J. H. Lemon; Perley Leslie; B. A. Levy; H. Lewenberg; Mrs. D. B. Lewis; Luther H. Lewis; Li brary Bureau; Daniel Lincoln; B.K. Little; H. B. Little; C. B. Locke; J. W. Locke; Long, Mrs. H. V. Long; Alfred Loomis (Tuxedo Park, NY); Lopes Badge & Novelty Co.; A. P. Loring Jr.; H. R. Loring; Mrs. Lindley Loring; Mrs. C. T. Lovering (Boston, MA); George H. Lowe; Mrs. A. L. Lowell; Amy Lowell; Guy Lowell; Annie Lowrie; Ludlow Mfg. Assoc.; Mrs. Herbert Lyman; Mrs. J. H. Lynch; Henry S. Lyons; Harry I. Mabbett; Mrs. K. D. MacColl; Mrs. E. W. MacKey; John MacLane; Mrs. E. F. MacNichol; Mrs. G. A. Macomber; F. A. MacShiffrey; C. D. Maginnis (Brookline, MA); D. F. Magner; P. J. Mahoney; Maude Malcolm; Mrs. H. S. Mann; Mansion House Ice Cream Co. (Cambridge, MA); R. L. Maplebeck; C. A. Marshall; Harold Marshall; Maryland Casualty Co.; S. R. Mason; Mrs. G. S. McCalmont; Mrs. Stanley McCormick; H. C. McDuff; J. A. McGill; Arthur B. McGrow; Miss K. McHugh; J. A. McKibben; L. G. McMichael; Miss F. M. McPhee; Mrs. W. G. McRea; W. N. Mears; R. B. Mellon; Mercier Freres Inc.; Mrs. O. H. Merrick; Merrill Oldham & Co.; Abner Merrill; F. Merrill; S. E. Merrill; Sherborn M. Merrill; Mrs. C. H. Merritt; Methodist Episcopal Church; A. R. Meyers (Greenwich, CT); Middlesex County Probate Court; Middlesex School (Concord, MA); Mrs. G. H. Mifflin; Mrs. Henry F. Miller; Miss E. C. Minot; Miss Alice J. Mitchell; A. Mitton; Charles D. Mixter; B. D. Montague; Montclair Essex Trust Co.; Hugh Montgomery; Louis E. Moore; T. J. Moran; R. C. Morse; B. P. Moseley; F. S. Moseley; Mt. Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix (Boston, MA); J. E. Muldoon; Macob Muller; Mrs. Chester Munroe; S. C. Murfitt; Charles E. Myers; Jacob Nathan; Mrs. R. B. Nathanson; National Building Granite Quarries Assoc.; National City Co.; National Shawmut Bank; Nebraska State Capital Commission (Lincoln, NE); Needham Historical Society (Needham, MA); H. M. Nelson; New England Telephone & Telegraph (Boston, MA); Mrs. W. F. Newberry; Lavinia H. Newell; Fred Nichols; C. L. Nichols, Sr.; Maxwell Norman; Noyes Buick Co. (Boston, MA ); G. L. Noyes; H. K. Noyes; J. A. Noyes; C. P. Nutting; A. S. Nye; Mrs. Hugh Ogden, Jr.; Daniel F. Owen; F. B. Pack; Mrs. R. E. Paine; Mrs. W. A. Paine; Mrs. Dudley B. Palmer; W. I. Palmer; Mrs. George S. Parker; Mrs. J. A. Parker; J. H. Parker; W. M. Parker (New Hampshire); Donald Parsons; E. M. Parsons; Elizabeth Pattee; Mrs. David L. Patten; Rev. Endicott Peabody; L. E. Pearl; Gino L. Perera; D. E. Perley; W. H. Perrine; Frank M. Perry; James DeWolfe Perry; W. I. Perry; Mrs. William Y. Peters; Charles Pettit; E. R. Pierce (Weston, MA); Mrs. Edgar Pierce; Mrs. Walworth Pierce; Pillsbury, Dana & Young; Pine St. Presbyterian Church; Pinehurst Inc. (Pinehurst, NC); W. E. Piper; Dr. Carlyle Pope (Milton, MA); Mrs. R. L. Pope; H. G. Porter; Mrs. M. A. Potter; R. E. Potter; Robinson Powell; Mrs. Eliot Pratt; George R. Presby; Mrs. A. W. Preston; Mrs. B. W. Preston; Mrs. Elwyn G. Preston; Mrs. E. D. Proctor; Mrs. W. C. Proctor; Putnam & Chandler; E. T. Putnam; M. Putnam; Mrs. Otis W. Putnam; Joseph H. Quincy; Andrew Raeburn; Mrs. H. S. Rand; H. L. Randall; Peter Randen; Ray D. Lillibridge Inc.; Arthur C. Raymond; F. F. Raymond; Joseph Remick; Harry L. Rice; O. W. Rice; Mrs. William T. Rich; David R. Richardson; Phillip Richardson; Ridley Watts & Co.; Ritchie, Parsons & Taylor; C. B. Roberts; Mrs. Alexander Robey; W. H. Robey; Robinson Powell; Mrs. Dwight P. Robinson (Chestnut Hill, MA); E. L. Robinson; E. P. Robinson; S. B. Robinson; J. D. Rockefeller Jr.; J. Stillman Rockefeller; George J. Rockwood; Albert A. Rose; Mrs. A. Ross; J. E. Rubenstein; B. Rudnick; Katherine Rumello; B. C. Rumsey; J. D. K. Sabine; F. M. Sackett (Louisville, KY); Salada Tea Co.; Mrs. N. Sallinger; Mrs. R. M. Saltonstall; Joseph Samuels (Providence, RI); C. D. Sawyer; E. D. Sawyer; H. B. Sawyer; Miss Mary T. Sawyer; Frederic Schaeffer; Mrs. W. H. Schofield; George F. Schrafft; Joseph Schwartz; C. E. Sears; Miss C. E. Sears; Mrs. K. W. Sears; Mrs. R. Seegar; Phillip Segal; M. A. Shattu ck ; G. A. Shaw, Jr. ; H. H. Shaw; George F. Shepard; Dr. A. H. Shohet; Max Shoolman; H. M. Shreve; J. Shubda; Mrs. M. Silverman; Carl H. Skinner; Joseph A. Skinner; Mrs. J. C. F. Slayton; Henry Davis Sleeper (Boston, MA); Charles L. Smith; Mrs. F. H. Smith; J. B. Smith; Jerome Smith; A. Snider; H. D. Spangenberg; J. F. Spence; Mrs. Isaac Sprague; P. W. Sprague; St. George's School; St. James Episcopal Church; St. John's Seminary; St. Margaret's Convent (Philadelphia, PA); St. Mary the Virgin Church; St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Tremont, NY); Harold E. Stanwood; E. A. Staples; Starrett & van Vleck (New York, NY); State Street Trust Co. (Boston, MA); Steinway & Sons; Charles Stetson; E. H. Stetson; Mrs. A. A. Stevens; Brooks Stevens; Frank H. Stevens; Moses T. Stevens; R. H. Stevenson; H. F. Stimpson; Galen L. Stone (Brookline, MA); Mrs. Robert G. Stone; Storey, Thorndike, Palmer & Dodge (Boston, MA); Mrs. H. Ellis Straw (Manchester, NH); E. S. Sullivan; H. M. Sweet; H. N. Sweet (Wellesley, MA); G. A. Sylvester; Mrs. William W. Taft; Mrs. Williamson Talle; J. H. Tarjian; George E. Taylor; Paul Taylor; Mrs. H. F. Terhoef; The National City Co.; Mrs. I. R. Thomas; Mrs. A. M. Thompson; Mrs. Abbott B. Thompson; Mrs. H. B. Thompson; Mrs. W. R. Thompson; A. A. Thorndike; P. H. Titus; Miss Tower; Frank Travers; Morton C. Treadway; Mrs. Joseph Trifoli; Trinity M.E. Church; W. B. Tripp; Miss Alice Tuck; Mrs. John Tuck; Mrs. Alanson Tucker; Leonard Tufts (Pinehurst, NC); Mrs. F. A. Turner; Union B. Twitchell; C. H. Tyler; Mrs. Charles Ulin; University of Chicago (Chicago, IL); Mrs. John P. Upham; Mrs. E. Van Noorden; Gini Vincentini; W. J. Gillis Co.; Mrs. J. H. Wainwright; Walter J. Gillis Co.; John J. Walton; Mrs. Gardner Walworth; Wamsutta Club (New Bedford, MA); Paul Ward; Miss M. L. Ware; Mrs. Robert Warner; Mrs. George E. Warren (Manchester, MA); Webster Co.; E. S. Webster; Miss E. Weeks; Mrs. W. P. Weeks; Charles A. Welch 2d; Mrs. C. G. Weld; J. A. Wellman; Miss E. West; Mrs. Henry Wheeler; Mrs. Howard V. Wheeler; Mrs. C. D. White; Miss J. White; Kenneth White; Z. L. White; C. A. Whiting; Mrs. E. G. Whiting; Miss G. Whittemore; Mrs. P. W. Whittemore; C. W. Whittier; Ross Whittier; Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wightman; Miss E. E. Willard; Mrs. Charles Williams; Francis H. Williams; H. T. Williams; Herbert W. Williams; Mrs. D. K. Wilson; Mrs. E. K. Wilson; George Grafton Wilson; William. H. Wilton; Miss Caroline R. Wing; S. W. Winslow, Jr.; Miss C. G. Wolcott; Women's City Club of Boston (Boston, MA); Mrs. George F. Wood; Oswin Wood; William M. Wood; A. H. Woodbury; Percy Woodward; S. C. Woodward; Worcester North Savings Inst. (Worcester, MA); E. Worcester; P. W. Wrenn; George Wyner; Yamanaka & Co.; P. S. Yerxa; and Howard Young.


Descriptive Terms

journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

Additional Identification Number

Strong Museum number 226.17

Physical Description

1 bound journal containing 400 pages and approximately 1,870 entries (13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

Collection Code


Collection Name

Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

Date of Acquisition


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13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

Record Details


Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

Material Type

journals (accounts)

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