Journal -- 1924


Bound journal containing 394 pages, twelve of which are blank, that was prepared by Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders dated January 2, 1924 (order #319) through January 3, 1925 (order #18823). Orders include repairs as well as sales of new furniture. Orders are listed in numerical order; however, not all numbers in the sequence are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, customer address, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, and cabinet maker. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record. A full transcription of the journal is available. Also included in the back of the journal is an alphabetical listing of customer names and the related page numbers.
Customers named in the journal include: 1st National Bank of Boston; 2nd Universalist Church; Elinor E. Abbott; Gordon Abbott; Mrs. John Abbott; Mrs. Nathan Abbott (Southborough, MA); Henry Hammond Abel; Mrs. J. C. Ackerman; Mrs. Arthur Adams; Daniel Adams; George W. Adams; Mrs. S. Adlin; Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Agassiz; C. P. Ahlsen; Miss I. E. Akeson; Mrs. A. L. Albee; Mr. and Mrs. George I. Alden; W. S. Aldrich; Mrs. E. P. Allen; W. L. Allen; American Railway Exp. Co.; Alison Ames; Oliver Ames; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Amory; Amoskeag Manufacturing Company (Manchester, NH); Mrs. F. A. Anderson; H. A. Andros; Anna Lawless Inc.; Apexeon Mfg. Co.; D. F. Appel; F. R. Appleton; S. Appleton; Architects Sample Corp.; Mrs. W. Armstrong; W. D. Arnold; R. W. Atkins; Atlantic National Bank; William E. Atwood; F. L. Babbott, Jr.; Miss M. P. Bacon; Frederick P. Bagley; George P. Baker; F. G. Balch; Harry S. Baldwin; Mrs. Hugh Bancroft (Boston, MA); The Misses Barnes; Mrs. Danford Newton Barney. (Farmington, CT); Mrs. Frank Barrabee; George H. Barrus; Mrs. W. F. Bartholomew; Joseph Bartlett; George G. Bass; Mrs. William A. L. Bazeley; Ida G. Beal; Mrs. W. T. Beattie; Mrs. D. W. Bedell; Mr. and Mrs. George E. Belcher; Mrs. John Bennett; Bermuda Developing Co.; Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. (Quincy, MA); J. H. Bicknell; William E. Biddle; Mrs. Edward A. Bigelow; J. S. Bigelow; Carroll Bill; Mrs. Frederic Bill; William Bingham 2nd; H. P. Binney; Charles S. Bird (East Walpole, MA); Mrs. Kenneth Blackfan; A. H. Bleich; Mrs. George R. Blodgett; A. K. Blood; Bloomingdale Hospital; Edward W. Bok (Mountain Lake, FL); Mrs. C. Bond; Mrs. William Stone Booth; B. H. Borden; C. D. Borden; Harold D. Bornstein; Boston Art Club (Boston, MA); Boston Chamber of Commerce (Boston, MA); J. E. Boucher; F. P. Bowden; Bowery Savings Bank (New York, NY); Mrs. F. T. Bradbury; H. S. Bradford; H. G. Bradlee (Brookline, MA); Miss A. A. Bradley; James J. Brainard; Harriet Brayton; Mrs. Jessie F. Brayton; C. W. Brazer; Mrs. J. Brodie; Mrs. Shepard Brooks; Clarence Brown; Mrs. George R. Brown (Newton, MA); Mrs. Harold Brown (Newport, RI); John Nicholas Brown (Providence, RI); Mrs. Julia White Brown; L. F. Brown; Clarence Bruns; Brunswick Shoppe; Mrs. Charles N. Brush; Mrs. Henry Bryant; Miss W. H. Bryant; H. B. Buck; R. H. Bullock; W. Starling Burgess; Allston Burr; Miss I. B. Butler; Mary T. Butler; P. F. Butler; Mrs. Thomas H. Buttimer; C. Crawford Hollidge (Boston, MA); Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Cady; Cambridge Gas Light Co. (Cambridge, MA); Cambridge Lodge of Elks (Cambridge, MA); Fred S. Canedy; A. B. Carpenter; Mrs. A. F. Carpenter (Rome, NY); Hannah Carpenter; Mrs. J. A. Carpenter; Mrs. Samuel Carr; Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. (Chicago, IL); Mrs. George E. Carter (Boston, MA); George R. Carter; Nellie P. Carter; Mrs. Melbert D. Cary, Jr.; Mrs. James D. Casey; Robert Casson (Newton Centre, MA); Central Presbyterian Church; Harry E. Chamow,; Chandler & Co.; Chandler Corset Store; A. B. Chapin; Charlotte Sanborn; Chase National Bank (New York, NY); W. M. Chase; W. C. Chick; Elliott Chisholm; Church of Our Lady of the Assumption; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Church; S. B. Church; Citizens National Bank (Baltimore, MD); Citizens Savings Bank (New York, NY); City of Boston (Boston, MA); Mrs. W. H. Clafin, Jr.; B. P. Clapp; E. Heath Clark; Mrs. Frank S. Clark; Paul Clark (Brookline, MA); Cleveland Public Library (Cleveland, OH); T. J. Clexton; J. T. Clunic; F. S. Cobb; Mrs. S. C. Cochrane; John W. Coggeshall; Mrs. George P. Cogswell; Mr. and Mrs. George Cohen; C. A. Collins; Comes, Perry & McMullen; Conant Ball Co.; Mrs. C. C. Converse; Mrs. C. N. Cook; Helen T. Cook: C. E. Cooke; Mrs. George B. Cooksey; Mrs. W. H. Coolidge; Copper Range Co.; D. J. Cortes; Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Cotter; Frank Couples; Mrs. Josephine N. Cox; R. A. Crary (Newtonville, MA); William H. Creese; Ralph Crimmins; Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Crimmins; Alvah Crocker; Edgar Crocker; Mrs. S. C. Crocker; Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Crocker; Mrs. Sumner Crosby; Mrs. Howard Crossman; Miss Crowell; E. F. Cullen (Brookline, MA); Mrs. W. E. Cummer; H. W. Cunningham; Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Curtis; Elizabeth Cushing; Miss F. M. Cushing; Elton G. Cushman (Taunton, MA); Charles F. Cutler; Morgan W. Daboll; C. H. Daniels; Miss J. W. Daniels; A. O. Davis; Mrs. Paul D. Davis; Mrs. V. Bruce Davis; Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Day, Jr.; Deaconess Hospital (Boston, MA); Mrs. Henry E. Decatur; C. M. Demott; C. P. Dennett; Mrs. John Derby; C. B. Devereaux; Mrs. J. DeVoe; Rose Dexter; Mary J. Donnelly (Newton, MA); Mrs. David Doros; A. D. Dorr; W. L. Douglas; Edward S. Dragot; Mrs. Walter F. Duffy; F. C. Dumaine; A. G. Duncan; H. C. Dunham; Mrs. W. R. Dunlap; Mrs. H. W. Dunn; Harriet B. Duque; C. H. Earnworth; Mrs. W. S. Eaton; Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Eddy; C. F. Edgarten, Edward F. Miner Building Co.; Miss H. W. Edwards; R. J. Edwards; Mrs. Julius Eiseman; Mr. and Mrs. L. Eiseman; Eldredge & Co.; Mrs. A. B. Elliman; Norman Elsas; Oscar Elsas; Charles Emerson; Margaret T. Emery; Mrs. H. P. Endicott; Miss K. Endicott; W. C. Endicott; Mrs. Richard Engstrom; Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Erath; Estate of A. H. Davenport; Estate of A. W. Preston; Ethel A. Reeve Inc.; Mrs. A. H. Eustis; Mrs. F. A. Eustis; W. R. Evans, Jr.; Everett Savings Bank (Everett, MA); Mrs. H. C. Everett; F. Knight & Son Corp.; F. Krassert Co.; Charles H. Fabens; Mrs. H. E. Fales; J. W. Farley; Mrs. John W. Farlow; Alfred D. Farnell; Henry Faxon; George R. Fearing 3rd; Mr. and Mrs. Lou Featherman; Mrs. Emil Feibelman; Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ferrin (Newton, MA); Mrs. Harry W. Fisher; R. H. Fitz; Mrs. Charles A. Fitzgerald; E. P. Fitzgibbon; Barton Flagg; Mrs. James Flanagan; Flint-Kote Co.; Flushing High School; Mrs. C. H. Foster; John W. Foster; George W. Freeman; Albert M. French; Mr. and Mrs. L. Melville French; Isabelle T. Fuller; Mrs. F. H. Gage; Mrs. H. E. Gale; Mrs. William A. Gaston; Miss A. R. Gavett; Mrs. Michael Gavin; George E. Keith Co.; C. A. Gleason; Mrs. J. M . Gliddey; H. N. Gode; Joseph Gomes; A. F. Goodwin; N. H. Gordon; Mrs. Robert S. Gorham; Thomas Gorham; F. M. Goss; Floyd Grant; Mrs. H. J. Grant; R. M. Grant; Mr. and Mrs. H. Gray; Mrs. H. V. Greenough; Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Greenough; Anna Griswold; Mrs. Robert H. Gross; Addison Gulick; Walter W. Gutman; H. C. Stearns; E. A. Hackett; Al Hagen; David Haig; Mrs. Henry S. Hall; Miss M. B. Hall; Mrs. Martin T. Hall; E. M. Hallett; H. K. Hallett; Thomas Halloran; Mrs. P. M. Hamlin; H. L. Hammond; A. Murray Hancock; C. E. Hanscom; H. R. Hardwick; Mrs. William H. Hart; Harvard University (Cambridge, MA); George D. Haskell; John A. Haskell; George S. Hatch; H. K. Hatfield; Edward A. Hauss; Hattie H. Hayward; Mrs. L. H. Hazard; Ben C. Hazel; F. H. Heald; S. E. Hecht; A. S. Heirshburg; C. E. Hellier; Myles Hemenway; Mrs. M. Hemimdy; Mrs. J. D. Henderson; Mrs. John J. Hennesey; Henry Symons & Co. Inc.; Mrs. W. H. Henry; Hensel Ziegler Trimming Co; Mrs. William Herman; R. F. Herrick Sr.; Herrick, Smith, Donald & Farley; Helen E. Hersey; The Misses Hersey; F. F. Hicks; Mrs. John H. Hicks; Mrs. A. H. Higginson; Mrs. D. M. Hill; Mrs. John Sprunt Hill (Durham, NC); Lucine T. Hill; William C. Hill; Franklin W. Hobbs; Hodgson Kennard & Co. (Boston, MA); H. A. Hoffman; William H. Hoffman; Mrs. Allen Hollis; Mrs. C. N. Holmes; H. H. Holt, Jr.; Mrs. H. P. Hood; Miss L. B. Hood; Mrs. J. N. Hopkins; Henry Hornblower (Boston, MA); Mrs. D. K. Horten; William Hotchkin; Hotel Beaconsfield; Hotel Brunswick (Boston, MA); Hotel Buckminster (Boston, MA); Hotel Lenox (Boston, MA); Edward B. Hough; Mrs. C. S. Houghton; M. S. Hudner; H. C. Hughes; Florence M. Humphrey; H. B. Humphrey; Mrs. Walter Hunnewell; D. L. Hunt; H. H. Hunter; Mrs. Harrison Huntoon; Hutchins & French (Boston, MA); Miss E. Hutchins; Frank Hutchins; Miss M. E. Hutchinson; Mrs. William Hutchinson; D. A. Ingraham; A. P. Irving; Charles R. Irving; J. H. Wiese Co.; D. L. Jackson; T. M. James; Jardine, Hill & Murdock; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Jarrett; H. A. Jenck ; Jenkins Bros.; S. Herbert Jenks; L. B. Jennings; John Paulding Meade Co.; Mrs. Benjamin N. Johnson; Mrs. W. J. Johnson; M. L. Johnson; T. J. Johnson (Magnolia, MA); C. H. Jones; Jordan Marsh Co. (Boston, MA); H. P. Jordan; Mrs. Joseph Blanchard; Mrs. C. H. Joy; Elizabeth A. Joyce; Mrs. Charles O. Kabley; Walter B. Kahn; Mrs. Samuel Kalesky; Mrs. M. Kattwinkel; A. D. Katzenberg; C. F. Kelley; Ed Dana Kendall; Mrs. L. J. Kennedy; Mrs. E. L. Kent; Wallace D. Kenyon; C. Kettle; George J. Keyes; Mrs. Jane A. Kilborne; Mrs. G. G. King; Mrs. H. A. Kirby; Mrs. Bliss Knapp; Mrs. J. Kniffler; M. F. LaCroix; Miss M. E Langley; Herbert Lanton; Mrs. J. M. Lasell; Lawley & Son; S. A. Lawrie; Herbert Lawton; H. C. Learned; M. Leavitt; Mrs. F. G. Lee; Mrs. F. W. Lee; George C. Lee; R. A. Leeson; J. W. Leonard; O. R. Lesperance; Edgar Levenstein; Mrs. L. Levissen; Library Bureau (Boston, MA); Leigh Liggeth (Chestnut Hill, MA); Bertha M. Lincoln; F. D. Lisle; C. B. Locke; Mrs. H. V. Long; A. Longley; Mrs. A. P. Loring; H. R. Loring; A. P. Loring, Jr.; Oliver Lothrop; Mrs. C. T. Lovering (Boston, MA); Mr. and Mrs. A. Lawrence Lowell; Mrs. John Lowell; Harry Luscomb; Mabel Lyman; M. Steinet & Co. (Boston, MA); W. R. MacAusland; Mr. and Mrs. William B. MacColl; Mrs. C. L. Macy; Miss L. A. Maguire; Miss J. B. Mahoney; Miss K. Makanna; George F. Malcolm; Mrs. C. B. Manning (Manchester, NH); Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Manning; Mrs. E. D. Manter; C. B. Marble; Mrs. A. H. Marchant; Mrs. Andrew Marshall; F. A. Marshall; Mrs. Howard Marston; William M. Marston (Newton, MA); Mrs. George Martin; H. F. Mason; Max C. Mason; Massachusetts Historical Society (Boston, MA); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA); W. L. Matthews; Mrs. D. H. McAlpin, Jr.; George B. McCallum; Charles D. McCarthy; Mrs. Stanley McCormick; L. S. McCreary; G. L. McDermott; J. F. McGuire; Miss K. McHugh; Mrs. A. L. McMillan; Mrs. G. F. Meachin; Philip A. Means; J. C. Melvin; Abner Merrill; Olin Merrill; Merrill Oldham & Co.; Mrs. J. Merrill; S. M. Merrill; E. Bruce Merriman; W. G. Merritt; Mrs. J. W. Meserve; Mrs. John C. Meyer; Mrs. G. H. Mifflin; Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Milliken; C. P. Mills; E. C. Mills; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Milton; Mrs. Richard Milton; J. Minez; Mrs. Edward Mink; The Misses Minot; L. C. Mood; Lewis Moore; Mrs. W. H. Moore; Mrs. Francis J. Moors; Mrs. E. D. Morgan; Ruby Morrison; Mrs. C. A. Morrs; Abner Morse; Mrs. E. D. Morton; Mrs. J. M., Morton, Jr.; B. P. Moseley; Bertha Cook Mosher; Mountain Lake Corp. (Mountain Lake, FL); John E. Muldoon; Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Munsell; Harold Murdock; Thomas S. Murfitt; H. K. Murphy; Robert H. Murray; C. E. Myers; Nason & Proctor; National Mt. Wollaston Bank (Quincy, MA); National Shawmut Bank (Boston, MA); Nebraska State Capitol (Lincoln, NE); New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. (Boston, MA); Mrs. William C. Newell; C. A. Newhall; C. L. Nichols, Jr.; C. A. Norwood; Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Noyes; J. A. Noyes; A. S. Nye; Mrs. Robert L. O'Brien; John E. Oldham; Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ordway; M. J. Owend; Louis E. Page; F. C. Paine; Mrs. R. E. Paine; Mrs. Dudley B. Palmer; Park Square Building (Boston, MA); Mrs. C. Parker; Edith Parker; Mrs. George S. Parker; W. M. Parker; M. S. Parsons; Miss H. Pearce; A. E. Pearson; Miss S. E. Penniman; Mrs. Lawrence F. Percival; Mrs. C. E. Perkins; Henry C. Perkins; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Perry; Mrs. Henry H. Perry; Mrs. William Y. Peters; Jane Peterson; L. N. Peterson; Phi Sigma House; M. E. Philbrick; W. B. Phinney; Mrs. A. W. Pierce; Edgar Pierce; Roger Pierce; Pinehurst Department Store (Pinehurst, NC); Gordon L. Pirie; A. S. Pitman; Mrs. A. Polhemus; Mrs. R. L. Pope; Mrs. M. A. Potter; R. E. Potter; E. B. Powell; Joseph W. Powell; Mrs. L. Powers; Mrs. Collier Pratt; Frank Pratt; George R. Presby; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Preston; Charles A. Proctor; Charles M. Proctor; Mrs. F. D. Proctor; Mrs. W. C. Proctor; R.H. Macy & Co. Inc.; R. M. Grant Co.; Mrs. C. W. Rantoul; A. C. Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Raymond; G. F. Redmond; Mrs. E. W. Redpath; Mrs. Paul R. Reed; Mrs. Philip Reed; Mrs. Paul Remick; Mrs. W. G. Resor; Mrs. B. W. Reston; Harry L. Rice; Mr. and Mrs. William Rich; Miss A. A. Richards; Mrs. R. J. Richards; Mr. and Mrs. David Richardson; Raymond Rincoed; Mrs. Dwight P. Robinson; W. F. Robinson; John Rock; J. D. Rockefeller; C. P. Rockwell; George J. Rockwood; Mrs. Alfred Rodman; Rolling Rock Club; William Rollins (Boston, MA); George Rosen; S. F. Rosnosky; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rudnick; Carl Rudnick; L. E. Ryther; S. C. Sperry Co.; J. K. Sabine; Mrs. Nathan Sallinger; Mrs. R. M. Saltonstall; Joseph Samuels Providence, RI); B. B. Sanderson; Mrs. John F. Sargent; Miss E. A. Sawtell; Mrs. C. D. Sawyer; Henry B. Sawyer; Mrs. Arnold Schlaet; Mrs. W. H. Scholfield; Joseph S. Schwartz; Mrs. Charles P. Searle; Mrs. K. W. Sears; Seaside Chapel; Mrs. T. J. Seaton; Mrs. Walter Seavey; Mrs. R. Seegar; Francis W. Sever; Arthur Sewall; Mrs. S. J. Shallow; Samuel Shapiro; Miss E. D. Sharpe; Mrs. G. H. Shattuck; Francis Shaw; F. A. Shea; D. C. Shepard; George F. Shepard; Mrs. John F. Shepley; Mrs. J. P. Sherman; Max Shoolman; Mrs. H. M. Shreve; Mrs. Charles D. Sias; Henry R. Silberman; M. Silverman; Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Skeetop; Skinner Organ Co. (Boston, MA); Carl H. Skinner; Charles Slattery; Henry Davis Sleeper (Boston, MA); F. H. Smith; J. W. Smith; Mrs. W. F. Smith; P. Somers Smyth; South Brooklyn Savings Institution (New York, NY); Mrs. P. L. Spalding; H. D. Spangenberg; H. N. Spaulding; Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Sprague; J. C. Spring; St. James Church; St. Margaret's Convent (Philadelphia, PA); St. Paul's Church; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stagg; Mrs. Daniel Staniford; D. Starch; A. W. Stearns; S. G. Steeves; Alex Steinert; E. H. Stetson; Frederick W. Stetson; Brookes Stevens; Frank H. Stevens; George A. Stevens; Henry W. Stevens; H. H. Stickney; Harry F. Stimpson (Chestnut Hill, MA); Mrs. James C. Stoffer; Stone & Webster; Barbara Stone; Galen L. Stone, (Brookline, MA); Robert Stone; Storey, Thorndike, Palmer & Dodge; Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson Storrow; S. W. Stratton; Ivan A. Strohl; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Stuart (Newton Centre, MA); R. T. Stuart; Mrs. R. Sugar; W. H. Sullivan ; C. L. Swan; Edward W. Swan; Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Swan, Jr.; H. N. Sweet (Wellesley, MA); E. B. Sylvester; Thayer McNeil Co. (Wellesley, MA); Mr. and Mrs. E. F.; First Church in Newton (Newton, MA); The Masters School (Dobbs Ferry, NY); Mrs. A. M. Thompson; A. A. Thorndike; Mary C. Thornton; Richard L. Tighe; H. W. Tilton; E. P. Train; Morton C. Treadway; Brainered B. Tresher; Frank G. Tripp; Mr. and Mrs. John Tuck; Mrs. F. A. Turner; Charles M. Tuttle; Union. B. Twitchell; C. H. Tyler; George Tyson; Mrs. Charles Ulin; Mrs. Thomas Upham; Mrs. Charles F. Venn (Wellesley, MA); Edward D. Planck; Felix Vorenberg; Walter J. Gillis Co.; Wamsutta Club (New Bedford, MA); E. S. Ward; P. J. Ward; Miss L. Ware; Warner, Stackpole & Bradley (Boston, MA); Mrs. H. E. Warner; Mrs. R. L. Warner (Concord, MA); Regina Waterman; Mrs. G. W. Watts; Mrs. C. A. Weare (Boston, MA); Webster & Atlas National Bank (Boston, MA); Mrs. Edwin S. Webster; R. H. Weed; E. L. Weeks; Miss A. E. Welch; Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA) ; Wellesley Hills Unitarian Church (Wellesley, MA); Mrs. H. J. Wells; J. P. Westcott, Jr.; Westinghouse Electric Co.; Wheaton College; Mrs. A. W. Wheelwright; Mrs. E. M. Wheelwright; Frank S. White; Miss J. O. White; James R. White; Kenneth White; Mrs. L. Q. White; R. L. White; Mrs. W. T. White; Whiting & Davis; Mrs. E. G. Whiting; Mrs. W. F. Whiting; F. S. Whitnell; Edward A. Whitney; George C. Whittemore; W. P. Whittemore; C. W. Whittier; H. H. Wiggin; Mrs. George H. Wightman; Mrs. Charles Williams; Francis H. Williams; Miss M. F. Williams; Norman Williams; A. F. Wilson; H. F. Winslow (Boston, MA); Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Winslow, Jr.; Mrs. R. C. Winthrop; Mrs. M. R. Wolford; Women's City Club of Boston (Boston, MA); Mrs. Arthur B. Wood; Mrs. Edward Woodman; S. C. Woodward; Mrs. G. H. Woolley; Worcester Art Museum (Worcester, MA); M. Wrigley; York & Sawyer (New York, NY); Howard Young; and Robert Young.


Descriptive Terms

journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

Additional Identification Number

Strong Museum number 225.16

Physical Description

1 bound journal containing 394 pages and approximately 2,200 entries (13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Collection Name

Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

Date of Acquisition


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13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

Record Details


Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

Material Type

journals (accounts)

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