Journal -- 1920 through 1922


Bound journal containing 452 pages, 49 of which are blank, which was prepared by Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders for the following date ranges: 1920-11-18 through 1921-01-04 (orders 12909 - 14394); 1921-01-04 through 1922-01-05 (orders 4 - 14071); and 1922-01-05 through 1922-03-24 (orders 506 - 3942). Not all numbers in the sequences are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, salesperson and cabinet maker. Album also includes an alphabetical index of customers. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record.
Customers named in the journal include: Mrs. John Abbott; Nathan Abbott (Southboro, MA); Abercrombie and Fitch Co.; Abertham Construction Co.; Austin L. Adams; T. R. Akin; Alumni Association of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Alumni Association of Masachusetts Agricultural College; American Railway Express Co.; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ames (North Easton, MA); Ethel Amory; Amoskeag Mfg. Co. (Boston, MA); Anaconda Copper Mining Co.; Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Appel; F. H. Appleton Jr.; Samuel Appleton; H. M. Ayres; F. L. Babbott; Miss B. Bacon; Louis Baer (Winchester, MA); F. P. Bagley; Mrs. H. P. Bagley; Miss B. Bailey; Edward Baird; George B. Baker; F. G. Balch; Harry S. Baldwin; H. C. Ballard; H. B. Ballou; Mrs. Arthur W. Barnard; Misses Barnes; Miss D. N. Barney; L. D. Barney; Stephen L. Bartlett; H. W. Beal; N. S. Bean; Mrs. W. T. Beattie; Mrs. H. H. Beckwith; George E. Belcher; Mrs. A. C. Benedict; J. F. Bernard; M. E. Bernkoff; Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. (Quincy, MA); J. H. Bicknell; Mrs. J. Biglow; William Bingham; Edith M. Binney; H. P. Binney; Walter L. Blackington; H. H. Blake; Daisy Blanchard; James Blanchard; W. H. Blood; H. H. Blunt; John E. Boit; Mrs. Charles H. Bond; Mrs. J. W. Bowman ; Thomas S. Bradlee (Boston, MA); Miss A. A. Bradley; Miss H. H. Brayton; H. D. Brewer; Miss A. Briggs; E. W. Brigham; Brighton Congregational Church (Brighton, MA); Shepard Brooks; D. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Brown (Newton, MA); Mrs. G. M. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Brown; L. F. Brown; Martin A. Brown; Robert L. Brown; Max Brummell; Clarence B. Bruns; Mrs. Frank Burgess; Miss I. B. Butler; J. A. Butler; P. F. Butler; C. B. Perkins Co.; Miss A. P. Call; Cambridge Lodge of Elks (Cambridge, MA); Earl of Camperdown; Carlson & Son; R. Carrier; Robert Casson (Newton Centre, MA); Cathedral of St. John the Divine (New York, NY); Frederick Chace; Mrs. J. A. Chadwick; Chandler and Co.; Mrs. C. A. Chandler; E. P. Charlton (Fall River, MA); Chase National Bank (New York, NY); A. W. Chesterton; William Chesworth; Church of the Advent; Miss E. H. Clark; A. Clemons; T. J. Clexton; Miss L. E. Cobb; John W. Coggeshall; George P. Cogswell; Dorothy Conrad; S. S. Conrad; Miss S. Conrad; C. C. Converse; Helen T. Cook (Wellesley, MA); Mrs. W. H. Coolidge; H. D. Cooper; L. C. Cooper; Copley Plaza Hotel (Boston, MA); Ira C. Copley; F. A. Corbett; J. H. Corcoran; R. J. Cotter; Mrs. Borden Coval; Agnes Crimmins; T. A. Crimmins; Helen Criss; C. T. Crocker; Paul Crocker; Mrs. W. P. Cronin; W. G. Crosby; L. A. Crosset; A. Crossley; Grace Crowell; Miss Cruft; E. N. Cummings; Mrs. Allen Curtis (Beverly Farms, MA); C. W. Curtis; Elton G. Cushman (Taunton, MA); S. C. Dalrymple; C. S. Dana; M. S. Danforth; M. P. Daniels; A. M. Davis; Mrs. S. C. Davis (St. Louis, MO); W. F. Davis; Mrs. Norman Day; Sidney DeKay; A. C. Dennison; Arthur B. Denny; J. G. Derby; F. H. Dewey; Mr. and Mrs. Eben Dewing; Charles A. Dexter; Mrs. Philip Dexter; M. B. Dill; M. M. Dobyne; Fred Doherty; A. D. Dorr; Miss E. Dorr; Miss Dowden; Mrs. David Dows; W. R. Draper; Thomas Drier; W. R. Driver Jr. ; F. C. Dumaine; A. G. Duncan; J. E. Dunepace; Horace C. Dunham; F. M. Dutch; Mabel T. Eager; C., Mrs. R. C. Eastman; Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Eaton; G. W. Eddy; C. F. Edgarton; R. J. Edwards; A. Einstein; Seneca D. Eldredge; Oscar Elsas; Henry B. Endicott (Dedham, MA); W. C. Endicott; F. H. Bressler Co.; F. Knight & Son; C. B. Fabrizio; Miss K. Fairbanks; H. E. Fales; Edw. I. Farmer; John P. Farnsworth; H. M. Faxon; H. H. Fay; George R. Fearing; Lou Featherman; Federal Reserve Bank; Mrs. Emil Feibelman; F. M. Ferrin (Newton, MA); S. H. Fessenden; Louis Fitch; E. Flagg; H. H. Flagler (New York, NY); N. C. Foote; Mrs. C. F. Foster; R. L. Foster; Fox & Gale; George B. Fox; George E. Fox; L. H. Fullerton; E. H. Furber; Mrs. Herbert E. Gale; W. A. Gardner; George A. Gaskill (Worcester, MA); Mrs. William A. Gaston; William H. Gates;H. H. Gilman; J. J. Glessner; Charles J. Goldman; Miss F. Goldthwait; F. S. Goodwin; Forrest Goodwin; . P. Graves; T. H. Gray; E. S. Grew; Griffith Keiver Co.; C. J. Groves; Louis Grow; Mrs. A. T. Haben; William S. Hall; Mrs. W. Pierson Hamilton; Mrs. A. Murrray Hancock (Franklin, NH); Mrs. H. M. Hanna Jr.; C. E. Hanscom; E. H. Harding; George R. Harding; H. R. Hardwick; Mrs. Frederick K. Harris; Mrs. W. C. Harty; John A. Haskell (Wakefield, MA); S. C. K. Haskell; George S. Hatch; H. K. Hatfield; Edward A. Hauss; J. N. Heald; Edgar Hearty; L. J. Henderson; Clara Hersey; Frederick Hervey; E. D. Hewins; Charles R. Hickox; Mrs. John J. Hicks; Mrs. H. L. Higginson; Mrs. Calvin C. Hill; Mrs. John Sprunt Hill (Durham, NC); R. H. Hill; Hinks Bros. & Co.; A. S. Hirshberg; Hodgson Kennard & Co. (Boston, MA); Arnold S. Hoffman; Henry A. Hoffman; Ellis Hollingsworth; P. M. Hollister; Miss L. B. Hood; R. F. Hooper; S. R. Hopkins; Hotel Brunswick (Boston, MA); Hotel Lenox (Boston, MA); Hotel Touraine (Boston, MA); S., Mrs. A. S. Howe; Mrs. J. Ralph Howe; Louis L. Howe; W. C. Howe; F. L. Howes; Samuel C. Howes; W. D. Hoxie; R. F. Hoyt (Marion, MA); Florence M. Humphrey; L. F. Humphrey; Walter Hunnewell; W. D. Hunt; Mrs. G. R. Hurd; Mrs. E. W. Hutchins; S. E. Hutchinson; Bowditch Ingersoll; Charles R. Irving; T. M. James; James N. Jamieson; Helen Jaques; Mrs. Vaughan Jealous; Mrs. William A. Jeffries; Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Jenks; John Hancock Insurance Co; Mrs. Arthur Johnson; E. J. Johnson; Melvin M. Johnson; R. M. Johnson; Thomas J. A. Johnson (Magnolia, MA); J. C. Jones; John Jones Jr.; Jordan Marsh Co. (Boston, MA); Mrs C. H. Joy; Miss M. E. Keane; Lafayette Keaney; H. V. Kellogg; H. Kennard; Mrs. E. L. Kent; Mrs. G. M. Kerr; Mr. Kimball; Mrs. T. P. King; Mrs. F. Kitchell; A. P. Knight; Mrs. S. Krech; Mrs. W. S. Ladd; Lamson & Hubbard; H. W. Lang; Mrs. Woodbury Langdon (Portsmouth, NH); John Lassell; Mrs Amory Lawrence; Mrs. W. L. Leanord; George C. Lee; James Lee; Mrs. Lester Leland; B. H. Leman; J. H. Leman; C. W. Leslie; O. R. Lesperance; Mr s. Edgar Levenstein; Lever Bros.; Mr. C. Levine; Mrs. Levis; . W. Lincoln; D. W. Lincoln; Henry F. Lippet; A. D. Little; C. A. Lochart; H. V. Long; Alice Longfellow; H. R. Loring; A. P. Loring Jr.; Mrs. R. Loring; C. T. Lovering; Amy Lowell; Mrs. Martin Luscomb; Alfred L. Lustig; Roland Lyman; T. Lynch; Harry I. Mabbett; Mrs. George B. H. Macomber; Maginns & Waldh (Boston, MA); C. D. Maginnis; Malden Storage Warehouse Co.; Mrs. H. S. Mann; C. B. Manning (Manchester, NH); J. H. Manning; J. N. Manning (Brookline, MA); A. H. Marchant; H. O. Marcy; Benjamin Marshall; A. E. Mason; James H. Mason; George B. McCallum (Fox and Gale); Thomas A. McCarthy; G. F. McIntire; Allan McKissock; L. G. McMichaels; Mrs. William McNulty; Florence M. McPhee; W. N. Mears; W. L. Mellon; T. L. Merriam; Merrill Oldham & Co.; F. A. Merrill (Brookline, MA); J. H. Metcalf; L. G. Michaels; Mrs. G. F. Mifflin; J. Milner; Mrs. R. Mitton (Swampscott, MA); L. C. Moody; E. B. Moore; Miss N. E. Moore; Mrs. W. H. Moore; J. P. Morgan; George D. Jr. Morse; R. C. Morse; William I. Morse; Henry A. Morss; Frederick Strong Moseley (Boston, MA); Frank A. Mosher; John E. Muldoon; H. W. Munn; Miss E. C. Munsell; S. C. Murfitt; J. H. Murphy; George F. Naphen (New York, NY); A. C. Nason; National Bank of Commerce (New London, CT); National Park Bank (New York, NY); National Security Bank; National Shawmut Bank Boston, MA); New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. (Boston, MA); New York Ship Corporation; T. Newbold; C. A. Newhall; W. S. Nolte; E. R. Norton; Noyes Buick Co. (Boston, MA); H. K. Noyes; J. A. Noyes; John O'Day; Oldham Merrill Co.; W. B. Olmstead; C. M. Osborne; Mrs. Eugene Oug; Mrs. Walter H. Page; Paine Webber & Co.; R. T. Paine Jr.; Parker & Page Co.; A. D. Parker; George S. Parker; Parker, Thomas & Rice (Boston, MA); W. M. Parker; John Parkinson; Mrs. Endicott Peabody; A. E. Pearson; Mella B. Pearson; C. H. Pepper; D. E. Perley; William Y. Peters; M. E. Philbrick; O. S. Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. E. R. P ierce (Weston, MA); Edgar Pierce; E. Bertram Pike; Dana & Young Pillsbury; A. S. Pitman; Thomas Gustave Plant (Moultonborough, NH); Plaza Hotel (New York, NY); Mrs. R. L. Pope; H. G. Porter; Mrs. H. S. Potter; Mrs. M. A. Potter; Ralph E. Potter; Mrs. L. Powers (Brookline, MA); Mrs. Richardson Pratt; S. U. Prescott; A. W. Preston; L. C. Prior; Lillian Prudeu; James J. Putnam; D. W. Quill; W. S. Quinby; T. J. Quinn; R. W. White Co. (Boston, MA); R. M. Grant & Co.; Arthur C. Raymond; Benjamin Brayton Read; Mrs. C. O. Read (Pawtucket, RI); D. J. Reagan; G. F. Redmond; T. E. Reed; Dr. Victor A. Reed; Henry M. Rees; G. Reynolds; Miss M. Reynolds; George T. Rice; E. J. Rich; A. A. Richards; Mrs. J. W. Richards; George W. Richardson; Mrs. Charles E. Riley; Kingman N. Robbins; E. B. Robey; Mrs. A. L. Robinson Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller Jr.; John D. Rockefeller Sr.; Mrs. J. C. Rogers (Boston, MA); Rolling Rock Club; Louis S. Ross; Louis Rubin; Mrs. H. B. Russell; N. Sallinger; Robert Sampson; Joseph Samuels (Providence, RI); Daniel Sargent; Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Saunders; Frank M. Sawtelle; Henry B. Sawyer; George F. Schrafft; Miss H. G. Scott; Scranton Lace Co. (Scranton, PA); Mrs. K. W. Sears; Murray Seasongood; Roland Seegar; W. D. Sewall; Mrs. S. J. Shallow; A. S. Sharkey; Miss E. D. Sharpe; Henry D. Sharpe; F. C. Shattuck; H. H. Shaw; Miss R. G. Shaw; C. A. Shea; Mrs. John F. Shepley; Joseph L. Sherer; Max Shoolman; A. K. Sibley; John Silva; Mrs. Silverman; Carl H. Skinner; F. P. Smith; H. P. Smith (Boston, MA); L. B. Souter; H. N. Spaulding; P. W. Sprague; Mrs. John C. Spring; Springfield National Bank (Springfield, A); F. J. Squires; St. Mary's Church; St. Paul's Church; F. D. Stackpole; A. G. Staples; E. A. Staples; F. A. Stearns; Miss N. B. Steele; Mrs. Alex Steinert; John B. Jr. Stetson; F. H. Stevens; N. H. Stevens; C. M. Stewart; W. L. Stewart Jr.; Samuel Emlen Stokes (Moorestown, PA); Galen L. Stone (Brookline, MA); Robert G. Stone; Storey, Thorndike, P almer & Dodge (Boston, MA); Mrs. Alex Strauss; F. H. Stuart (Newton Centre, MA); Harold Stuart; Homer L. Sweetser; Frederick Swindells; S. S. Sylvester (Hanover, MA); Charles N. Tainter; E. H. Talbot; George G. Tarbell; M. C. Taylor; Telephone Operators Union; Thayer McNeil Co. (Wellesley, MA); Edward Thayer; E. F. Thompson; Ernest A. Thompson; A. A. Thorndike; S. B. Thorne; S. M. Thorne; Mrs. Ward Thoron; Henry L. Tiffany (New Bedford, MA); Mrs. T.G. Todd; B. W. Trafford; Morton C. Treadway; John Tuck; Leonard Tufts (Pinehurst, NC); E. T. Turner; Richard G. Turner; M. C. Tuttle; Union B. Twitchell; C. H. Tyler; Mrs. Frank Tyler; New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. (Boston, MA); W. C. Wait; Mrs. Grant Walker; Harry W. Walker; Mrs. J. H. Walker; J. L. Walker; Gardner C. Walworth; E. W. Ward; Mrs. A. C. Warren; J. C. Warren; Mrs. J. C. Warren; Lester Watson; New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. (Boston, MA); Frederick S. Weatherby; Edwin S. Webster; Mrs. W. B. P. Weeks; Mrs. J. Weinberg; E. S. Welch; F. C. Welch; Wellesley College /Agora House; George S. West; F. W. Weymouth; A. S. Wheeler; Joseph White; R. H. White; E. G. Whiting; C. W. Whittier; Austin Whittlesey; Norton Wigglesworth; George H. Wightman; Mrs. John Wilcock; Benjamin M. Wilcox; Charles M. Williams; Hugh Williams; R. B. Williams; John Wilson; G. H. Windeler; D. G. Wing; Mrs. R. C. Winthrop; E. Stanley Wires; Mrs. William M. Wood; J. W. Woodward; Worcester Buick Co. (Worcester, MA); George Wyner; and George B. Young.


Descriptive Terms

journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

Additional Identification Number

Strong Museum number 222.13

Physical Description

1 bound journal containing 452 pages and approximately 1,760 entries (14 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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14 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

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Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

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journals (accounts)

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