Journal -- December 1917 through 1919


Bound journal containing 404 pages, ten of which are blank, which was prepared by Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Legend handwritten on first page is: "Record Book / I and C AHD Co. / Fac #2 Furniture / Beginning Dec 20th 1917." Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders for the following date ranges: 1917-12-20 through 1918-01-08 (orders 13416 - 13785); and 1918-01-03 through 1919-07-10 (orders 65 - 16898). Not all numbers in the sequences are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, salesperson and cabinet maker. Album also includes an alphabetical index of customers and a listing or orders made for stock which includes order and model numbers. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record.
Customers named in the journal include: Abercrombie and Fitch Co.; S. P. Alden; J. E. Aldred (Montreal, Canada); Mrs. Oliver Ames (North Easton, MA); Amoskeag Mfg. Co. (Boston, MA); Samuel Appleton; Army and Navy Y. M. C. A; The Aspinook Co. (Jewett City, CT); Calvin Austen; F. L. Babbott, Jr.; Miss L. P. Babbott; Miss C. F. Bacon; Louis Baer (Winchester, MA); Charles M. Barker; Schuyler S. Bartlett; George G. Bass; J. C. Bayley; A. M. Beard; D. W. Bedell; Harold Bell; Belmont Spring Country Club (Belmont, MA); Frank Bemis; L. L. Biddle; William Bingham 2nd; H. P. Binney; G. B. Blake; F. S. Blanchard; H. K. Blanchard; James T. Blanchard; Mrs. V. Blanchard (Weston, MA); C. A. Bliss; H. H. Blunt; Joseph J. Bodell (Providence, RI); George G. Booth (Worcester, MA); H. H. Bowditch; L. M. Bowes; Henry G. Bradlee (Brookline, MA); Lt. Col. Thomas S. Bradlee (Boston, MA); John Brayton; Mrs. C. M. Brett; H. G. Bridges; E. P. Brown (Newton, MA); Mrs. George W. Brown; Mrs. Harold Brown (Newport, RI); J. Fred Brown; William Bruce Brown; Edward B. Bruce; L. F. Bryant; A. B. Buell; F. M. Burke; T. F. Bush; Mrs. O. Butler; F. S. Carr; R. B. Carter; Charles P. Casson; Elizabeth Castle (Wellesley, MA); James B. Castle; J. L. Chalifoux; L. D. Chapman; A. H. Chase; W. M. Chase; William Chester Chase; W. S. Cherry; Charles E. F. Clarke; Clary-Schervee Co. (Worcester, MA); Charles A. Coe (Medford, MA); A. B. Cohen; Commonwealth Country Club (Chestnut Hill, MA); S. S. Conrad; A. D. Converse; W. E. Cooke; M. F. Cordingly; Elizabeth Corr; E. C. Cotter; Paul Courtney; T. A. Crimmins; Mrs. Lyneham Crocker; S. E. M. Crocker; L. W. Cronkhite; Sally Cross; L. A. Crossett (Cohasset, MA); William Cummins; E. W. Curtis; Mrs. E. Cushing; Elton G. Cushman (Taunton, MA); N. L. Cushman; A. D. Davis; W. E. Davis Jr. ; Derby and Robinson; W. R. Dewey, Jr.; Charles A. Dexter; Charles D. Dexter; M. M. Dobyne; George T. Dodd; Dolan, Marson & Stebbins; F. W. Doliber; Dorchester Trust Co. Dorch ester, MA); W. L. Douglas; Thomas Dreier; H. A. Du Villard; J. C. Duane; F. C. Dumaine; Horace C. Dunham; Charles F. Eddy; Ludwig Eisemann; Seneca D. Eldridge; Mr. and Mrs. Eben H. Ellison; W. C. Endicott; Mrs. Richard Engstrom (Lexington, MA); Equitable Life Assurance Co.; Eva Hooker Drake's Shop (Duluth, MN); Mrs. J. M. Evarts; National Bank Exchange; Marshall Fabyan; John W. Farlow; Farmers Loan and Trust Co.; F. L. Felton; F. L. Fenton; First Presbyterian Church; E. Fitch; C. N. Fitts; Thomas A. Forsyth; F. W. Foster; Henry Clay Frick (Pride's Crossing, MA); E. L. Furber; Herbert E. Gale; J. A. Garland; I. M. Gaugengigl; George Oakes Tobey Memorial Library (Wareham, MA); Gorham Manufacturing Co. (Providence, RI); R. M. Grant; W. H. Gray; Edward Farnham Greene; George H. Greene; Mary E. Greenway; Mrs. Paul Gring; Anna Griswold; C. J. Groves; Walter U. Gutmann; R. M. Hall (Newton, MA); H. K. Hallet; I. W. H. Hamilton; W. C. Harty; George D. Haskell; M. G. Haughton; Charles S. Hawes; Sam Company; Edwin Jack; T. N. James; T. E. Jewell; Frank F. Johnsberg; Johnson Marble Co. (Boston, MA); E. D. Jordan; I. W. Jouett; C. A. Kabley; George Keyes; A. A. Kidder (Winchester, MA); R. S. Kilborne; A. A. Kimball; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kimball; D. N. Kirby; Allen Kiscock; Mrs. George E. Kuhnhardt (North Andover, MA); Mrs. W. S. Ladd; Cora Holyoke Lane; Charles Lanier; E. C. Larson; Mrs. Joseph Lee; Lee's Art Shop; J.M. Levenson; Edgar Levenstein; Charles C. Lewis; L. K. Liggett (Chestnut Hill, MA); D. W. Lincoln; A. G. Liscomb; A. E. Little; J. H. Lombard; P. H. Lombard (Brookline, MA); James Longley; Louis L. Lorillard; Mrs. A. P. Loring; H. R. Loring; F. B. Lovejoy; A. L. Lowell; William E. Lower; Mrs.E. J. Lownes; J. E. MacFarlane; M. H. MacLean; A. Magnenti; Malden Hospital, Ladies Aid Assoc. (Malden, MA); Mrs. H. S. Mann; C. B. Manning (Manchester, NH); F. W. Mansfield; Edward D. Manter; Harold Marshall; John Marston; H. N. Mathews; H. Maynard; George B. McCallum; P. J. McI ntosh; E. H . McKetterick; Merchants National Bank (New Bedford, MA); F. Merriam; S. W. Merrich; Merrill Oldham & Co. (Boston, MA); Frank H. Merrill; Mrs. Jesse H. Metcalf (Providence, RI); Dr. Julius Minez (Newark, NJ); P. W. Moen; W. H. Moore; Frederick Moseley Strong (Boston, MA); A. Murray; Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.; Natick Trust Co. (Natick, MA); National Park Bank (New York, NY); H. J. Nickols; Robert Nivision; Arthur L. Norton (Brookline, MA); William Norton; H. K. Noyes; Harold G. Noyes; A. S. Nye; P. A. O'Connell; H. E. Owen; Paine Webber & Co.; Mrs. R. E. Paine; A. D. Parker; F. S. Parker; H. H. Parker; J. Harleston Parker (Boston, MA); W. A. Parker; W. L. Parker; S. E. Parsons; Arthur E. Pearson; C. E. Peck; D. E. Perley; William Y. Peters; Mrs. Everett Pevear; E. R. Pierce (Weston, MA); Edward L. Pierce; Wallace Pierce; Charles L. Pierson; H. A. Pitman; Thomas Gustave Plant (Moultonborough, NH); A. W. Pope; H. G. Porter; J. B. Potter; J. C. Potter; Charles Prince; L. C. Prior; Quincy Savings Bank (Quincy, MA); Harry S. Rand; Phillip Reynolds; E. D. Rice; Frederick Rice; Harry L. Rice; N. W. Rice; A. A. Richards; J. A. Richardson; Mabel L. Riley; E. B. Robey; Dwight Parker Robinsin (Chestnut Hill, MA); Louis S. Ross; H. A. Rueter (Jamaica Plain, MA); Mrs. A. F. Rumrill; Mrs. R. S. Russell; Joseph Samuels (Providence, RI); Sanford Building Corp. (Sanford, ME); Scandinavian Art Shop (New York, NY); Mrs. Phillip W. Henry Scarborough; Mrs. Garrett Schenck (Maine); Walter E. Schuster; Mrs. M. Sharaf; Mrs. R. G. Shaw; George F. Shepard; Henry M. Shreve; Charles D. Sias; R. L. Skofield (New York, NY); W. and J. Sloane; A. L. Smith; L. E. P. Smith; P. W. Sprague; Starrett & Van Vleck (New York, NY); Alex Steinert; M. J. Stephens; E. A. Stevens; J. H. Stevens; H. H. Stickney; Stone, Carpenter & Sheldon (Providence, RI); Strand Theatre; Strangman Manufacturing Co. (Milton, MA); Mrs. F. H. Strickland; F. H. Stuart (Newton Centre, MA); R. T. Stuart; Clement S tudebacker ; W. K. Sturges; Sturtevant Aeroplane Co. (Boston, MA); F. de C. Sullivan; Frederick Swindels; E.J. Taylor; Julia A. Trask (Brockton, MA); John Tuck; A. B. Turner; Mrs. Paul Turner; E. A. Tutien; Adelbert Twitchell; Union B. Twitchell; University of Massachusett, As School of Arts & Sciences (Amherst, MA); H. C. Van Voorhees; J. F. Vanderburgh; Waban Neighborhood Club (Waban, MA); George M. Wallace; Walter Baker Company (Boston, MA); Waltham Watch Co. (Waltham, MA); Miss M. L. Ware; Warren Instution for Savings (Boston, MA); J. C. Warren; James K. Watkins; Webster & Atlas Bank (Boston, MA); Edwin S. Webster; C. G. Weld; Wellesley College, Guest House (Wellesley, MA); Western Electric Co.; Joseph N. White; Z. L. White; Whitin Machine Works (Whitinsville, MA); William Whitman (Brookline, MA); G. G. Whitney; C. W. Whittier; Ross Whittier; Charles Wiggens; Miss Willard; Mrs. John Willcock; Mrs. Charles Williams; Sidney W. Winslow, Jr.; Miss R. A. Witham; William M. Wood; F. W. Woolworth (Glen Cove, NY); and C. M. Wright.


Descriptive Terms

journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

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Strong Museum number 210.11

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1 bound journal containing 404 pages and approximately 1,050 entries (14 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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14 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

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Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

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journals (accounts)

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