Journal -- 1915 through 1917


Bound journal containing 400 pages, 19 of which are blank or missing, which was prepared by Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders for the following date ranges: 1915-09-07 through 1915-12-15 (orders 14620 - 19520); 1915-12-15 through 1916-11-29 (orders 27 - 15093); and 1916-11-21 through 1917-05-09 (orders 4432 - 5596). Not all numbers in the sequences are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, salesperson and cabinet maker. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record.
Customer names in the journal include: Jacob Ackerman; R. L. Agassiz; W. T. Aldrich; O. H. Alford; Mrs. Hobart Ames (North Easton, MA); Oakes Ames; Mrs. Oliver Ames (North Easton, MA); Winthrop L. Ames (North Easton, MA); Mrs. J. A. Amory; H. Anderson; Dr. Edward H. Angle; D. F. Appel; B. W. Arnold; E. W. Atkinson; Louis Baer (Winchester, MA); A. T. Baker; F. Y. Baker; George B. Baker; Edward C. Ball; J. H. Ballantine; Charles P. Bancroft; C. Barnard; Henry J. Barnett; Mrs. D. C. Barton; George G. Bass; Bath Iron Works (Bath, ME); J. W. Beal; D. W. Bedell; E. A. Behrend; Mrs. George E. Belcher; Mrs. Gerard Bement; C. E. Benson; Mrs. H. P. Binney; Mrs. Emmons Blaine; Chester Bliss; Mrs. Spencer Borden; Mrs. George Briggs; William E. Brigham; E. P. Brown (Newton, MA); F. W. Brown; J. Fred Brown; James Brown; L. S. Brown; Lathrop Brown; Martin A. Brown; M. R. Bryan; Dr. W.P. Buffum; C. Sanford Bull; A. C. Burrage; Sam Butter; C. W. Whittier & Bro.; F. L. Cady; George H. Cahoone; G. R. Carter; Nellie P. Carter (Hotel Touraine, Boston, MA); R. E. Carter; H. C. Castle (Brookline, MA); James B. Castle; Z. Chaffee (Providence, RI); E. B. Chandler; A. B. Chapin; Earle Perry Charlton (Westport Harbor, MA); S. B. Chase; W. M. Chase; A. W. Chesterton; F. C. Church; E. A. Clark; Louis Clark; Harry Clegg; F. S. Cleghorn; John W. Coggeshall; George I. Cohen; B. E. Cole 2nd; R. M. Colfelt; C. A. Collins; G. T. Condon; T. N. Cook; W. E. Cooke; W. H. Coolidge; I. C. Copley; Mrs. Henry Craft; Mrs. Stuart W. Cramer; Crimmins & Pierce; S. E. M. Crocker; L. W. Cronkhite; Albert W. Crosby; L. H. Crossett (Cohasset, MA); Curtis Publishing Co.; Mrs. Allen Curtis (Beverly Farms, MA); C. P. Curtis; Elton G. Cushman (Taunton, MA); N. L. Cushman; D. F. Cutler; George C. Cutler; J. L. Damon; H. B. Day (West Newton, MA); Dr. R. A. Day; S. S. Dennis; C. B. Devereau; Mrs. D. A. Donahue; E. C. Donnelly; J. G. Dudley; F. C. Dumaine; George Duncan; Carroll Dunham; Horace C. Dunham; R. H. Durfee; W. H . Durfee; E. R. Grabow Co. (Boston, MA); Ludwig Eisemann; H. C. Eldridge; S. D. Eldridge; William Ellery; Howard Elliott; E. H. Ellison; Miss E. E. Elms; Dr. F. L. Emerson; Henry B. Endicott (Dedham, MA); F. L. Dunne & Co.; H. E. Fales; George P. Faunce; H. M. Faxon; J. B. Fenno; Fiirst Church of Christ Scientist; W. C. Fisher; James F. Flanagan; Margaret A. Folger; Ida B. Folsom; George L. Foote; E. H. Foster; H. I. Foster; Reginald Foster; Fox & Gale; C. L. Freer; G. G. Frelinghuysen; Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. French; George F. French; Brooks Frothingham; F. A. Fuller; F. H. Gage; Herbert E. Gale; Dr. W. W. Gannett; Phillip Jr. Gaston; E. L. Gay; Norman George (Newton Centre, MA); George A. Gibson; Frank H. Gifford; Augustus Franklin Goodwin; F. H. Goodyear; G. H. Gorman; J. L. Grandin; Francis Gray; S. Harold Greene; Charles H. Greenleaf; E. S. Grew; C. C. Griswold; E. Z. Grozier; Mrs. H. S. Hall; Charles J. Hamblett; A. Murrray Hancock (Franklin, NH); Thomas H. Hanley; J. B. Hardy; Lizette Hast (New York, NY); H. K. Hatfield; Louis Hauck; L. D. Hawkridge; H. Hazelton; A. N. Head; Mrs. Z. Herman; R. F. Herrick; Robert Herrick (Boston, MA); Charles R. Hickox; John F. Hill; C. M. Hinkle (Osterville, MA); W. H. Hoffman (Barrington, RI); W. H. Holbrook; L. Hollingsworth; L. E. Holt; Helen Hood; R. G. Hopkins; Ralph Hornblower; E. B. Horne; Hotel Touraine (Boston, MA); Dr. C. C. Howard; Mrs. Ernest S. Howes; John Hughes; F. E. Huntress; Mrs. John Hurd; Mrs. Constantine Hutchins; S. E. Hutchinson; George P. Hyde; Ernest H. Jackson; F. G. Jackson; Mrs. William T. Jenney; H. L. Johnson; L. S. Johnson; F. M. Jones; J. H. Jones; E. D. Jordan; Miss K. C. Keepers; H. J. Kellogg; L. E. Kerstein; George S. Keyes; A. A. Kidder (Winchester, MA); E. T. Kimball; George E. Kimhardt; Mrs. Bliss Knapp; Lee Kohn; W. N. Kremer; Charles Lanier; C. W. Lasell; George C. Lee; W. G. Lees; Mrs. Leslie Leland; Dr. S. J. Lewis; Louis Kroh Liggett (Chestnut Hill, MA); William Lindsey; A. E. Litt le (Boston, MA); M. H. Lombard; Henry L. Loughlin; C. T. Lovering (Boston, MA); Mrs. James T. Lowrey; R. T. Lyman; George E. Macomber; E. D. Manter (Winchester, MA); Dr. F. L. Marshall; Rev. Harold Marshall; Howard Marston; J. M. Mauliffe; T. D. McGuerney; C. K. McLellan; J. B. McLellan; Miss F. S. Mead; J. F. Meigs; R. B. Mellon; Melrose Teachers Club (Melrose, MA); Dr. G. P. Mendell; Merchants National Bank (New Bedford, MA); Merrill Oldham & Co.; F. A. Merrill; Schuyler Merritt; George P. Metcalf; Helen P. Metcalf; A. R. Meyer (Greenwich, CT); H. H. Meyer; Henry Miller; J. Minez; Miss S. Moen; E. D. Monod; J. B. Morgan; M. A. Morrill; Miss B. L. Morse; Mrs. Everett Morss (Boston, MA); Mrs. Henry Morss; I. W. Morton; F. S. Moseley; J. A. Neal; Charles A. Newhall; H. J. Nichols; A. L. Norton; Dr. F. B. Noyes; B. L. Nugent; John E. Oldham; Emily Osgood; Fanny Osgood; Mrs. Ed. Page; John E. Page; Robert Treat Paine 2nd; B. S. Palmer; W. M. Parker (New Hampshire); John W. Parsons; R. L. Patterson; Col. O. H. Payne; M. L. Pearce; Dr. W. H. Pearson; L. Peary; F. A. Pemberton; Henry H. Perry; William Y. Peters; Col. Charles Pfaff; A. W. Pierce; E. R. Pierce (Weston, MA); John S. Pillsbury; W. E. Piper (Melrose, MA); Thomas Gustave Plant (Moultonborough, NH); W. E. Plummer; H. G. Porter; C. M. Pratt; Charles J. Prescott; H. Priest; Emily Dutton Proctor; R. M. Grant Co. (Chicago, IL); Edgar Reed; G. M. Reed; F. W. Remick; George W. Renwick; Margaret F. Richardson; Harris W. Richmond; C. E. Riley (Newton, MA); J. H. Ritchie; E. B. Robey; M. D. Robinson; F. T. Rueter; H. O. Russ; C. W. Ryder; S. A. Salsbury; Joseph Samuels (Providence, RI); Mary Sargent; F. R. Sawyer; Henry B. Sawyer; W. H. Sawyer; R. Y. Schofield; George C. Schrafft; Miss H. G. Scott; Mrs. Charles Scribner; Dr. C. L. Scudder; R. Seegar; Dr. Frederick Sefton; W. D. Sewall; W. F. Sheehan; Dr. Frank E. Sheldon; F. B. Shepley; Wilfred Shrigley; R. A. Sibley; Benjamin Siegel; J. A. Skinner; R. L. Skofield (New York, NY); Joseph T. Smith; Frank C. Jr. Smith; H. N. Spaulding; P. L. Spaulding; P. W. Sprague; J. C. Spring; St. Peter's Church; R. R. Stanwood; State of New York (Albany, NY); Dr. C. B. Steadman; A. Stein, Jr.; Alex Steinert; Rudolph Steinert; Mrs. S. S. Stevens; R. H. Stevenson; H. T. Stimpson; Mrs. Phillip Stockton Jr.; Galen L. Stone (Brookline, MA); M. B. Stone; Mr. and Mrs. William P. Sutton (Cambridge, MA); E. Sylvester; S. S. Sylvester (Hanover, MA); Tabor Academy (Marion, MA); R. W. Taft; John Talbot; W. H. Taylor; A. R. Thayer; F. H. Thayer; Stuart Thomson; H. L. Tiffany; A. C. Tozzer; Miss J. A. Trask; T. G. Treadway; Mrs. John Tuck; Union B. Twitchell; C. H. Tyler; Rev. Thomas Ven Ness; Carl P. Waldinger; Waltham Watch Co. (Waltham, MA); Mrs. Whitman Ware; J. C. Warren; Gen. L. H. Warren; L. C. Wason; I. D. Waterman; F. Weathersby; Richard Welb; F. C. Welch; S. M. Weld (Wareham, MA); R. Welker; Mrs. Phillip Weston; Mrs. Henry Wheeler; Mrs. Leonard Wheeler; T. H. Wheeler; Z. L. White; Gerald Whitman; Jennie C. Whitman; William Whitman (Brookline, MA); G. G. Whitney; G. B. Whittemore; P. W. Whittemore; George H. Wightman; Charles Williams; G. H. Williams; Dr. Hugh Williams; D. G. Wing; H. F. Winslow (Brookline, MA); Dr. E. H. Wiswell; Arthur B. Wood; Miss Wood; Prof. J. A. Woods; F. W. Woolworth (Glen Cove, NY); J. Lowe Young; and Louis Ziegel.


Descriptive Terms

journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

Additional Identification Number

Strong Museum number 218.9

Physical Description

1 bound journal containing 400 pages and approximately 1,300 entries (13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Collection Name

Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

Record Details


Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

Material Type

journals (accounts)

Accruals Note

The Strong Museum had titled this volume "1915-1916" but it also includes some entires from 1917.

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