Journal -- 1915 through 1916


Bound journal containing 400 pages, ten of which are blank, which was prepared by Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Journal contains handwritten records of two series of sales orders: June 4, 1915 to December 13,1915(orders #11401-20000), and December 13, 1915 to January 12, 1916 (orders #5-1303). Orders are listed in numerical order; however, not all numbers in the sequence are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, customer address, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, and sales person or cabinet maker. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record. Customers names in the journal include: Charles F. Adams 2nd; Ralph Adams; R. L. Agassiz; Fred W. Albree; E. B. Alford; Mrs. C. L. Allen; R. H. Allen; Howard Crosby Alley (Boston, MA); Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Ames (North Easton, MA); Mrs. Oakes Ames (North Easton, MA); Mrs. Oliver Ames (North Easton, MA); Winthrop L. Ames (North Easton, MA); Harcourt Amory; Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. (Boston, MA); Mrs. Larry Anderson; D. F. Appel; William Appleton; C. D. Armstrong; R. W. Atkins; E. W. Atkinson; F. M. Backett; Charles F. Bacon; Miss M. Bacon; Louis Baer (Winchester, MA); H. P. Bagley; Bailey Candy Store; Charles M. Baker; George B. Baker; A. C. Bakewell; F. W. Bakewell; C. H. Baldwin; J. H. Ballantine; F. A. Ballou; Baptist Church (Malden, MA); Arthur Barkhouse (Brookline, MA); Mrs. Danford Newton Barney (Farmington, CT); L. M. Barr; C. W. Barron; C. D. Barrows; Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Barton; Mrs. F. O. Barton; Mrs. Perkins Bass; Robert P. Bass; J. Williams Beal; Mrs. T. G. Beemer; H. Fred Begien (West Medford, MA); B. A. Behrend; Mrs. E. R. Behrend; Mr. and Mrs. George E. Belcher; Mrs. Gerard Bement (Beverly Farms, MA); H. H. Bemis; Mrs. T. G. Bennett; C. E. Benson; F. S. Bigelow; M. W. Bingham; Mrs. George H. Binney; Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Binney; Mrs. G. H. Binney, Jr.; Mrs. Charles S. Bird (East Walpole, MA); Mrs. Linzee Blagden; Mr. and Mrs. Emmons Blaine; J. A. L. Blake; Mrs. S. P. Blake; William O. Blake; A. Blanchard; Mrs. V. Blanchard (Weston, MA); Mrs. W. O. Blaney; Mrs. G. R. Blinn; W. J. Blood, Jr.; Mrs. E. Boeckmann; Mrs. Spencer Borden; Boston University (Boston, MA); A. Bowditch; J. T. Bowen; L. M. Bowes; Mrs. Charles Boyden, Jr.; E. C. Bradlee; J. D. C. Bradley; R. S. Bradley; James Cox Brady (Gladstone, NJ); J. Brenchard; Joseph Brewer; Miss Brewer; S. C. Bridge; Mrs. George Briggs, Jr.; H. H. Brigham; Mrs. H. R. Brigham; Allen Brooks; Mrs. Gorham Brooks; Peter C. Brooks (West Medford, MA); Mrs. Shepard Brooks; W. A. Brooks; G. W. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Brown; James Brown; Lathrop Brown; Martin A. Brown; M. R. Bryan; R. Bryan (Brookline, MA); W. R. Bryan; L. F. Bryant; William P. Buffum; J. B. Bugbee; C. Sanford Bull; H. M. Burr; C. S. Butler; F. A. Butler; Ormond Butler; Sam Butter; Mrs. George E. Cabot; Miss A. P. Call; Cambridge Lodge of Elks (Cambridge, MA); Mrs. H. N. Campbell (Providence, RI); Charles H. Capitan; G. R. Carter; Nellie P. Carter (Boston, MA); S. B. Carter; Mrs. J. D. Casey; Mrs. J. G. Casey; Charles P. Casson; W. W. Caswell; Chandler & Co.; Mrs. George Chandler; A. B. Chapin; Mrs. John R. Chapin; Mrs. E. M. Chapman; William Chapman; Chase National Bank (New York, NY); Anna H. Chase; D. E. Chase; S. B. Chase; Mrs. Louis Chauvenet; A. W. Chesterton; S. P. Chick; G. Chickering; Mrs. E. H. Clapp; Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Clark; Mrs. J. William Clark; Mrs. H. G. Clay; Harry Clegg; F. Cleghorn; T. J. Clexton; A. B. Cobb; W. S. Coe; Mrs. Caleb Coffin; C. Cogswell; Mrs. B. E. Cole; Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Colfelt (Boston, MA); Mrs. Thomas H. Collins (Princeton, MA); H. W. Conant; Mrs. Sears Condit, Jr.; S. B. Condit; Thomas M. Cook; Ellen W. Coolidge; Copley Plaza Hotel (Boston, MA); G. A. Costello; C. E. Cotting; Mrs. J. H. Cotton; William J. Covill; Mrs. I. E. Cox; Mrs. L. S. Cox; Mrs. Henry Craft; Ralph Adams Cram (Boston, MA); T. A. Crimmins; Mrs. Lyneham Crocker; Paul Crocker; Alfred Ivins Croll (Boston, MA); Clarence G. Croll; L. A. Crossett (Cohasset, MA); Mrs. C. A. Cummings; J. H. Cunningham; E. B. Currier; Curtis Publishing Co. (Philadelphia, PA); Mrs. Allen Curtis (Beverly Farms, MA); Mrs. C. P. Curtis; Mrs. H. G. Curtis; Louis Curtis (Beacon St.); Elton G. Cushman (Taunton, MA); Mrs. D. F. Cutler; C. G. Cutter; Robin Damon; Miss C. Danielson; R. G. Davenport; E. E. Davidson; Mrs. John T. Davis; H. B. Day (West Newton, MA); W. B. De Las Casas; E. J. Dennen; S. S. Dennis; Mrs. W. B. Devereau; Mrs. Wirt Dexter; John V. Dittemore; R .B. Dixon; Chamberlin Dodds; B. A. Donahue; D. A. Donahue; E. C. Donnelly; Mrs. Charles B. Doolittle; John Dove; G eorge W. Dowd; George A. Draper; Mrs. M. F. Draper; Mrs. T. B. Draper; Mr. and Mrs. William F. Draper (Washington D.C.); W. R. Driver, Jr.; George Duncan; Horace C. Dunham; W. H. Dyer; Charles F. Eddy; G. W. Eddy; G. I. Edgerton; R. J. Edwards; Seneca D. Eldredge; H. C. Eldridge; William Ellery; Howard Elliott; H. B. Endicott (Dedham, MA); Mrs. H. Wendell Endicott; Mrs. W. C. Endicott; Mrs. W. H. Englesby; Equity Life Insurance; Essex County Club; Estey Organ Co. (Bratteboro, VT); W. M. Evatt (Wolfboro, NH); William P. Everts; R. J. Eward; C. A. Fairbanks; H. E. Fales; W. G. Farlow; F. A. Farrar; H. M. Faxon; M. M. Faxon; Mrs. H. H. Fay; Carl Fehmer; F. E. Fennessy; J. B. Fenno; J. F. Ferre; F. M. Ferrin (Newton, MA); Mrs. W. A. Field; Mrs. I. E. Fielis; First Church of Christ Scientist; Walter C. Fisher; Mrs. A. Flagg; J. F. Flanagan (Newton, MA); H. T. Folsom; Mrs. Arthur Foote; George L. Foote; T. F. Forbes; Thomas A. Forsyth; Mrs. Reginald Foster; Mrs. E. Charles Francis; Mrs. Walter Frank (Brookline, MA); Mrs. A. H. French; Henry Clay Frick (Pride's Crossing, MA); Mrs. Alfred Friedlander (Cincinnati, OH); P. C. Galpin; T. B. Gannett; W. W. Gannett; Mrs. R. H. Gardiner (Gardiner, ME); Mrs. William A. Gaston; Mrs. M. Gavin; E. L. Gay; Miss M. Gay; Mrs. Albert J. Geiger; Norman George (Newton Centre, MA); Miss C. M. Gerrish; George A. Gibson; Mrs. Edwin Ginn (Winchester, MA); Walter Goodenough (Laconia, NH); F. H. Goodyear; Mr. and Mrs. G. Harris Gorman; J. L. Grandin; H. Gray; Mrs. Horace Gray; E. S. Grew; M. F. Griggs; C. Griswold; W. M. Griswold (Cambridge, MA); Groton School (Groton, MA); C. J. Groves; Mrs. B. F. Guild; W. Guthinger; Miss B. F. Haigth; H. S. Hall; Miss M. S. Hall; Mr. and Mrs. A. Murray Hancock (Franklin, NH); H. M. Jr. Hanna; Miss Mary Hanna (Cincinnati, OH); Mrs. H. M. Hansen; E. H. Harding; J. W. Hargrave; Albert Harkness; Charles W. Harkness; James E. Harper; Julian H. Harris; Mrs. William N. Harrison 2nd (Cincinnati, OH); Mrs. A. W. Har t ; Phillip Hart; Harvard Club; Harvard University (Cambridge, MA); Colburn Haskell; H. S. Haskins; F. W. Hastings; H. K. Hatfield; Miss M. E. Haven; Mrs. E. H. Hawkins; George D. Hayward; H. M. Hazelton; A. Heard; Mrs. D. C. Heath; Miss P. L. Helliwell; Mrs. M. Hemenway; Mrs. A. J. Herr; Robert Herrick; S. E. Herrick; F. F. Hicks; F. L. Higginson; Miss J. B. Higginson; W. L. Higginson; F. S. High; George J. Hill; John F. Hill; Mr. and Mrs. Percy V. Hill; Hilliard Hotel Co.; G. M. Hindee; Mrs. C. M. Hinkle (Osterville, MA); William A. Hinton; J. W. Hitchins; Hodgson Kennard & Co. Boston, MA); H. A. Hoffman (Barrington, RI); Ellis Hollingsworth; Mrs. Sumner Hollingsworth; Helen Hood; Thomas Jr. Hooker; Mrs. James R. Hooper; W. L. Hooper; Mr. and Mrs. Roland G. Hopkins; Henry Hornblower (Boston, MA); Hotel Touraine (Boston, MA); Mrs. A. J. Houghton; Mrs. H. L. Houghton; Mrs. J. K. Howard; Mrs. A. S. Howe; Mrs. Ernest S. Howes; R. F. Hoyt (Marion, MA); E. Hubbard; John Hughes; Miss Humphrey; Mrs. A. Hunnewell; Walter Hunnewell, Jr.; F. J. Huntington; F. E. Huntress; E. W. Hutchings; C. L. Hutchins (Concord); E. W. Hutchins; S. E. Hutchinson; Mrs. E. D. Hyde; Mrs. W. D. Hyde; Miss H. B. Ives; J. M. Forbes & Co. (Boston, MA); J. P. Morgan & Co. (New York, NY); Ernest H. Jackson; James Jackson; A. S. Jenny; Mrs. Benjamin Johnson (Lynn, MA); Mrs. H. L. Johnson (Lestershire, NY); Mrs. Herbert S. Johnson; William B. Johnson; Mrs. J. W. Johnston; Mrs. N. R. Johnstone; B. M. Jones (Boston, MA); Mrs. Clarence Jones; Fred M. Jones; E. D. Jordan; Mrs. E. D. Jordan; Carl J. Kaffenburg (Brookline, MA); Carl Kaufman; Mrs. Henry Kellogg; G. G. Kennedy; L. E. Kerstein; George S. Keyes; A. A. Kidder (Winchester, MA); E. H. Kidder; W. H. Killham; Mrs. David P. Kimball; E. T. Kimball; S. G. King; W. B. King; Mrs. W. R. King; Roger Kinnicut; L. E. Kirstein; Miss Fanny Kittredge; Mrs. H. Kneeland; Miss Edith Knight; Mrs. John W. Knowles; Lee Kohn; Mrs. George E. Kunhardt; P. J. D. Kuntz; L. P. Hollander & Co.; W. E. Ladd; J .H. Lancashire; Charles Lanier; W. G. Lees; J. H. Leman; Mrs. I. M. Leslie; H. M. Levy; Louis Liegel; Louis Kroh Liggett (Chestnut Hill, MA); Mrs. R. C. Lincoln; William Lindsey (Osterville, MA); William H. Lirkell; R. L. Littlehale; Theodore Murdock Livesay; Andrew J. Lloyd (Boston, MA); Henry D. Lloyd; Mrs. H. W. Long; W. B. Long; C. H. Loring; Charles G. Loring; H. B. Loring; H. R. Loring; Mrs. T. K. Lothrop; Mrs. C. T. Lovering (Boston, MA); Amy Lowell; Matthew Luce; Herbert Lyman; R. T. Lyman; Herbert Lyme; George A. Lyons; John F. MacDonald; Lucy Madeira; C. B. Manning (Manchester, NH); Mrs. F. J. Manrique; Mrs. E. D. Manter (Winchester, MA); Marine National Bank; F. L. Marshall (Boston, MA); Harold Marshall; Massachusetts State House Commission (Boston, MA); Eugene Mather; F. W. Matteson; J. M. McAuliffe; T. J. McCormick; Donald McElwain; Mrs. W. H. McElwain (Medfield, MA); J. B. McKinney; Frank McLanathan; J. D. McLellan; Miss C. K. McLelland; Mrs. G. F. Meachin; J. A. Mead; M. B. Mead; John Paulding Meade; L. S. Medelia; C. M. Mellon; Melrose Teachers Club (Melrose, MA); Mrs. S. S. Menkin; Merchants National Bank (New Bedford, MA); Mrs. B. M. Merill; F. Merriam; Merrill Oldham & Co.; Mrs. A. R. Merrill; F. A. Merrill (Brookline, MA); F. M. Merrill; Miss M. A. Merrill (Brookline, MA); R. W. Merrill; Sherborn M. Merrill; W. O. Merritt; George P. Metcalf; Mrs. A. R. Meyer (Greenwich, CT); L. S. Miner; F. M. Minot; Mrs. G. R. Minot; Lawrence Minot; Mrs. R. H. Monks; R. Moore; W. H. Moore; Mrs. Francis J. Moors; Miss A. M. Morrill; Rev. W. S. Morrison; Robert E. Morse; Mrs. Everett Morss; Henry A. Morss; Mrs. A. L. Morton; I. W. Morton; F. S. Moseley; Karl E. Mosser; Mrs. Thos. Motty Jr.; Mrs. W. E. Murdock; Murphy; & Robson; National Park Bank (New York, NY); National Shawmut Bank (Boston, MA); James A. Neal; Lavinia H. Newell (Boston, MA); C. L. Newton (West Newton, MA); H. J. Nichols; Maxwell Norman; Arthur L. Norton (Br ook line, MA); J. W. Norton; H. K. Noyes; J. A. Noyes; Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Nugent; Mrs. H. W. Ogden (Brookline, MA); Old Colony Trust Co.; D. Osborne; Emily Osgood; John E. Page; Paine Webber & Co.; Mrs. R. E. Paine; Robert Treat Paine,2nd ; W. Paine; Parker & Page Co.; Parker House Hotel (Boston, MA); J. Harleston Parker (Boston, MA); Mrs. W. M. Parker; John Parkinson; Mrs. S. W. Pascoe; S. G. Patterson; O. H. Payne; Mrs. Frank C. Payson; W. E. Pearson; Mrs. V.M. Peeketier; Charles L. Peirson; Miss S. E. Penniman; K. H. Perry; W. B. Perry; Mrs. M. J. Peters; William Y. Peters; Franklin T. Pfaelzer; Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter, NH); Mrs. J. C. Phillips; E. R. Pierce (Weston, MA); E. W. Pierce; H. R. Pierce; Theodore Pierce; Charles L. Pierson; W. E. Piper (Melrose, MA); B. F. Pitman; W. F. Place; Thomas Gustave Plant (Moultonborough, NH); Porcellian Club (Cambridge, MA); H. G. Porter; Kate Potter; Mrs. M. A. Potter; Mrs. G. G. Powers; Mrs. Llewellyn Powers (Brookline, MA); Mrs. Charles Millard Pratt (Brooklyn, NY); Miss K. E. Pratt; Mrs. Palmer E. Presby; Mrs. Morton Prince; Miss Emily Dutton Proctor; Mrs. F. Proctor; Mrs. T. D. Proctor; Prudential Insurance Co.; Mrs. George Putnam; R. M. Grant Co. (Chicago, IL); Arthur C. Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin F. Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Read; Frank Remick; Frederick Reuter; H. A. Reuter; Revere Sugar Refinery (Cambridge, MA); Mrs. O. Reynolds; C. G. Rice; E. D. Rice; George T. Rice; Mrs. H. B. Richardson; W. L. Richardson; Mrs. B. P. Riding; C. E. Riley (Newton, MA); James H. Ritchie; Ritz Carlton Hotel (Boston, MA); Russell Robb; Miss F. W. Roberts; J. T. Roberts; Mrs. Roberts; W. H. Robey, Jr.; G. J. Rockwood; J. C. Rogers; Mrs. E. S. Rousmaniere; Mrs. Edward Ruhl; Harry C. Russ; Mrs. C. T. Russell; Mrs. Arthur Ryerson; Mrs. S. A. Salisbury; Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Saltonstall; Mrs. S. M. Saltonstall; Gertrude Sampson; Joseph Samuels (Providence, RI); E. L. Sanborn (Brookline, MA); A. R. Sargent; F. W. Sargent; C . D. Sawyer; H. B. Sawyer; Mrs. M. A. Sawyer; Miss M. C. Sawyer; Miss M. T. Sawyer; Mr. and Mrs. W. H Schofield (Boston, MA); E. F. Searles; H. F. Sears; H. M. Sears; Mrs. K. W. Sears; Second Church (Brookline, MA); Second Church of Christ Scientist; Francis W. Sever; Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Sewall (Bath, ME); Miss E. D. Sharpe; Shepley Rutan & Coolider (Boston, MA); Mrs J. P. R. Sherman; N. N. Shoffield; Mrs. E. A. Shuman; Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Sias; P. B. Simonds; Mrs. E. J. Sinclair; Miss M. J. Sitgreaves; Joseph A. Skinner; R. L. Skofield (New York, NY); E. H. Smith; F. H. Smith; J. B. Smith; Herbert W. Smyth (Cambridge, MA); Hugh Smythe; J. L. Snow (Waban, MA); Somerset Club (Boston, MA); H. W. Spaulding; P. L. Spaulding; Mrs. Mohn M. Speare; Ellen G. Spooner; John C. Spring; St. David's Church (Manayunk, PA); St. Peter's Church; St. Peter's Parish House (Morristown, NJ); St. Thomas Church Chapel (New York, NY); Mrs. F. S. Stackpole; Frederic Stanwood; Starrett & Van Vleck (New York, NY); John G. Stearns; Alex Steinert; Charles Stevens; Mrs. Phillip Stockton Jr.; Mrs. W. P. Stoddard; C. F. Stodder; S. F. Stodder; Mrs. A. K. Stone; Mr. and Mrs. Galen L. Stone (Brookline, MA); M. B. Stone; Mrs. William P. Sutton (Cambridge, MA); C. H. Swan; R. C. Taft; Edmund Tarbell; T. A. Taussig; Miss E. M. Taylor; W. H. Taylor; Z. R. Taylor; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Thayer; Harry I. Thayer (Wakefield, MA); E. Thompson; H. L. Tiffany; Torrey Bright & Caper; E. C. Townsend; Miss Julia A. Trask (Brockton, MA); T. G. Treadway; Trinity Church; Mrs. Nathan Trotter; Mr. and Mrs. John Tuck; Mrs. Alanson Tucker; A. B. Turner; Mrs. A. C. Tuttle; H. C. Tuttle; C. H. Tweed; Union B. Twitchell; Charles H. Tyler; George Tyson; University Club; Rev. Thomas Van Ness; Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Vaughan; Ralph Vinal; Wadsworth Howland Co.; L. C. Wallick; Gardner C. Walworth; Miss Harriet M. Ward; M. P. C. Ward; Mrs. R. D. C. Ward; Mrs. Bayard Warden; Miss M. L. Ware; Mrs. J. C. Warren; J. S. Warren; Mrs. S.D. Warren, Jr.; L. H. Warren; Mrs. C. G. Washburn; Mrs. Charles D. Waterman; Ira D. Waterman; Ashley Watson; Mrs. C. A. Weare (Boston, MA); Frederick S. Weatherby; Mrs. Richard Webb; Mrs. Edwin S. Webster; Mrs. G. M. Weed; Charles Weil; Pierce N. Welch; Rudolph Welcker; Miss L. A. Wells; Mrs. Gordon Wendell; B. A. Wentworth; E. S. Wentworth; George Wentworth; Mrs. Henry Wenz; Mrs. D. A. Westcott; J. I. Westingard; C. D. Wheeler; H. R. Wheeler; A. Wheelwright; Mrs. J. R. Whipple; White House (Washington, D.C.); Mrs. F. B. White; Frank S. White; G. M. White; Miss G. R. White; Mrs. W. R. White; Mrs. C. G. Whitney; Fred Whitney; Whittemore & Pollard Co.; E. H. Whittemore; Miss G. B. Whittemore; P. W. Whittemore; C. W. Whittier; C. B. Wiggin; Mrs. E. Wigglesworth; Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wightman; Lily Wilansky; Josephine E. Wilcox; Mrs. Guy Wilkinson; H. W. Wilkinson; Lombard William (Dedham, MA); Mrs. Charles Williams; Mrs. F. P. Williams; Mrs. Francis H. Williams; J. B. Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Williams (Boston, MA); M. F. Williams; Mrs. Ralph B. Williams; H. Cornell Wilson; Winchester High School (Winchester, MA); Mrs. D. G. Wing; Mrs. H. F. Winslow (Boston, MA); Mrs. S. W. Winslow; Valentine Winters; Mrs. R. C. Winthrop; F. A. Wood; Orrin G. Wood; William M. Wood; J. H. Woods; J. M. Woods; H. G. Woodworth; Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wright; F. W. Wyman; and Youngs Hotel.


Descriptive Terms

journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

Additional Identification Number

Strong Museum number 217.8

Physical Description

1 bound journal containing 400 pages and approximately 2,775 entires (14 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Collection Name

Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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14 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

Record Details


Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

Material Type

journals (accounts)

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