Journal -- 1913 through 1914


Bound journal containing 400 pages, of which approximately 125 are blank. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders dated November 22, 1913 (order #6401) through October 22, 1914 (order #1436). Entries through page 340 pertain to Irving and Casson; entries from page 341 to the end begin a new numbering sequence and pertain to Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Orders are listed in numerical order; however, not all numbers in the sequence are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, customer address, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, and cabinet maker. Several loose items were found in the album incuding two business letters and two factory orders. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record.

Customers names in the journal include: William L. Adam; Harry F. Adams (Norwood, MA); Fred W. Albree; H. C. Alley; Howard Crosby Alley; F. S. Allis; Oakes Ames; Winthrop H. Ames (North Easton, MA); Mrs. C. B. Amory; W. S. Andrews (Syracuse NY); W. B. Badger & Co.; Allison Bailey; Mrs. L. C. Baldwin; Mrs. Stephen L. Bartlett; N. H. Batchelder; J. P. Bates (Boston, MA); Mrs. E. B. Bayley; W. H. Bean Jr.; R. H. Begien (Arlington, MA); R. N. Begien (Cincinnati, OH); B. A. Behrend; Mrs. W. E. Bennett; H. P. Binney; George K. Bird (Norwood, MA); Mrs. V. Blanchard; Mrs. C. W. Bliss; Mrs. E. J. Bliss; W. H. Blood; Mrs. E. C. Bodman (Seal Harbor, ME); S. C. Bridge; Mrs. Dorothy Walters Briggs; Brookline Public Library (Brookline, MA); Mrs. Bruce Brown; E. P. Brown (Newton, MA); Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown Jr.; Phillip Brown (Dover, NH); S. J. Brown; Mrs. Frank Burgess; P. F. Butler; Thomas H. Buttimer (Hingham, MA); E. F. Caldwell & Co. (New York, NY); Susan Callahan; Mrs. Josiah Carpenter; Miss N. P. Carter; Mrs. J. D. Casey; Z. Chaffee (Providence, RI); Edith Chapin; William Chester Chase; Mrs. E. A. Clark; Commonwealth Shoe & Leather Co.; Mrs. Algernon Coolidge; Mrs. T. K. Cory; Mrs. J. A. Cousens; C. C. Coveny; H. H. Crapo; K. F. Crocker (Fitchburg, MA); Alfred Ivins Croll (Boston, MA); R. S. Crowell (Bangor, ME); E. C. Cuddy; Charles D. Cundall (New Bedford, MA); Mrs. Thomas Cunningham (Wenham, MA); Charles Curtis; E. B. Dane; Miss C. Danielson; Mrs. S. C. Davis (St. Louis, MA); H. B. Day; Mrs. Julian DeCordova; Philip Dexter; Miss H. R. Drake; H. C. Dunham; W. H. Durfee; East Boston Savings Bank (Boston, MA); G. W. Eddy; John Edmunds; R. H. Edwards; William Ellery; Mrs. Henry B. Endicott (Dedham, MA); Mrs. H. Wendell Endicott; Mrs. F. W. Fay (Medford, MA); Mrs. F. M. Ferrin (Newton, MA); A. H. Fessenden; J. F. Flanagan; Mrs. L. S. Fox; Robert F. Fryer (Buffalo, NY); F. H. Gage; W. T. Gardner (Cambridge, MA); Mr. and Mrs. G. A Gibson; Dawson C. Glover; Mrs. R. R. Graham (Norwich, CT); Miss M. Greeley; W. M. Griswold; Guiney Bros. (Brockton, MA); P. G. Gulbrinan; Adolf Haffenreffer; H. F. Haffenreffer; Mr. and Mrs. George Hall (Dedham, MA); Mr. and Mrs. A. Murray Hancock (Franklin, NH); M. H. Hanna Jr.; E. T. Hardwick; Mrs. K. M. Harkness; Harvard College (Cambridge, MA); Haverhill Bank (Haverhill, MA); Mrs. Joseph Hein; Miss C. Hemenway; Charles B. Henry; Mrs. John J. Hicks; Arthur C. Hill; Mrs. William C. Hill; Mrs. C. M. Hinkle (Osterville, MA); Mrs. William Hodgian; H. A. Hoffman (Barrington, RI); W. H. Hoffman (Barrington, RI); Mrs. Roland G. Hopkins; W. M. Horne; Mrs. A. J. Houghton; Mrs. L. H. Howe; Byron Satterlee Hurlburt (Marblehead, MA); H. B. Jackson (Lebanon, NH); Mrs. George T. Jarvis (Rutland, VT); B. N. Johnson; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Johnson (Lestershire, NY); A. C. Jones; Marx Jones; O. F. Kendall; B. F. Kenney; Mrs. Claude Kilpatrick; E. T. Kimball; Mrs. T. P. King; Mrs. W. R. King; G. H. Landers; Josiah Lasell 2nd; Miss E. Lawrence; Andrew J. Lloyd (Boston, MA); J. B. Lord; Lord & Taylor; Mrs. C. T. Lovering (Boston, MA); M. Steinert & Sons (Boston, MA); Charles D. Maginnis (Brookline, MA); Mrs. E. D. Manter; Manufacturers & Traders National Bank (Buffalo, NY); Pierre McDonald; P. L. McKinney; Mrs. Jesse Metcalf (Providence, RI); Henry Morss; F. S. Moseley; Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA); Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.; C. L. Newton; Maxwell Norman; William Palmer; Panama Pacific; D. A. Parker; J. E. Parsons; F. H. Peabody; Peoples Savings Bank (Providence, RI); Marsden Jasiel Perry (Providence, RI); W. E. Piper; Thomas Gustave Plant (Moultonborough, NH); W. F. Plant; Porter Pollack; Mrs. L. Powers; C. J. Prescott; Mrs. E. L. Prescott; C. J. Reuter; Mrs. Julian A. Rice; C. E. Riley; H. G. Ripley; Fletcher N. Robinson; Mrs. Samuel Robinson; G. I. Rockwood; Rogers Brown Co.; William Prescott Rogers; T. M. Rotch; B. F. W. Russell (Peterboro, NH); F. M. Sackett (Louisville, KY); Sacred Heart Church (Watertown, MA); R. W. Sanford; George F. Schrafft; Miss M. A. Shattuck; Mrs. A. H. Shaw; W. Sheldon; Mrs. C. D. Sias; Mrs. C. A. Sinclair; St. Anthony's Hall (New Haven, CT); St. Vincent's Church (Boston, MA); Mrs. F. W. Stearns; Edward Sturgis; Mrs. J. F. Sweeney; Harry I. Thayer (Wakefield, MA); Raymond W. Thompson; Ralph Vinal; Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Wallace; Waterbury Masonic Temple Corp. (Waterbury, CT); C. A. Weare; Mrs. F. M. Weld; J. T. Wetherell; Mrs. E. P. Wheeler; Mrs. W. A. Whitcomb; George B. White; Mrs. A. Whiteside; Edwards Whittaker; Fred L. Winthrop; John Woodbury; W. D. Woolson; and Miss J. Worthington.


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journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

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Strong Museum number 215.6

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1 bound journal containing 400 pages and approximately 685 entries (13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

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Irving & Casson
Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

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journals (accounts)

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