Journal -- April 1911 through July 1912


Bound journal containing 400 pages, 84 of which are blank, which was prepared by Irving and Casson. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders dated April 5, 1911 (order #1609) through July 31, 1912 (order #11571). Orders are listed in numerical order; however, not all numbers in the sequence are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, customer address, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, and cabinet maker. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record. A transcription of the journal is available.
Also included in the journal are: (1) a letter from Alley and Emery to Charles Irving of Irving & Casson dated July 25, 1911, requesting a change to an order; (2) a pencil sketch on trace of a portion of a headboard for a bed (order 7705, model 4646); (3) a very rough pencil sketch on the back of a time ticket of an unidentified object; and (4) a pencil sketch on trace of two rosette designs for order 5623.
Customers names in the journal include: J. J. Abbott; Mrs. C. E. Adams (Newtonville, MA); Alley & Emery (Boston, MA); American Academy; Mrs. Hobart Ames (North Easton, MA); Mrs. Oliver Ames; S. J. Barnett; Mrs. Robert P. Bass (Peterboro, NH); R. H. Begien; B. A. Behrend; J. B. Bellvue; Bigelow & Kennard (Boston, MA); Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Bird (East Walpole, MA); E. P. Bliss (Lexington, MA); Mrs. H. O. Bowden; William Bray; E. P. Brown (Newton, MA); Leroy S. Brown; R. Bryan (Brookline, MA); W. C. Bryant; J. H. Budge; Mrs. E. W. Burdett (Marion, MA); Mrs. L. G. Burnham; Thomas H. Buttimer (Hingham, MA); C. H. Capetain Co.; C. C. Caledes; H. N. Campbell (Providence, RI); Miss G. S. Carey; F. P. Carpenter; Robert Casson (Newton Centre, MA); Mrs. G. A. Chaffin; Howard H. Chappell (North Cohasset, MA); W. M. Chase; Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Choate; Christ Church (Sharon, CT); Church of the Ascension; Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Clark; George Alfred Cluett; George B. Cluett (Troy, NY); Charles Albert Coffin (Locust Valley, NY); Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Collins (Princeton, MA); Helen Cook (Wellesley, MA); C. Crary (Newtonville, MA); K. F. Crocker (Fitchburg, MA); C. K. Cummings (Boston, MA); C. P. Curtis; J. W. Cutter; Mrs. E. B. Daley; R. H. Dana Jr.; Daniel J. Danker (Brookline, MA); Mrs. A. E. Davis (Dover, MA); Mrs. Reginald De Koven; Mrs. Philip Dexter; John V. Dittemer; Alfred Douglass; George S. Drake (St. Louis, MO); B. N. Dukes (New York, NY); E. L. Dunell; H. C. Dunham; George H. Eager (Boston, MA); Julius J. Eisemann; Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Eisemann; Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Eliiott (Manchester, MA); H. W. Endicott; H. C. Everett; Mrs. J. Farlow; Edward Faust (St. Louis, MO); First Baptist Church (Pittsburgh, PA); First Church of Christ Scientist; First Congregational Church (Wakefield, MA); Mr. and Mrs. Ezra C. Fitch; Burton S. Flagg; Elisha Flagg; N. A. Flood; F. H. Gage; Merritt Whitfield Gant; Mrs. Philip Gardner; Norman George (Newton Centre, MA); The Georgian; Mary E. Gilmore; Mrs. Edwin Ginn (Winchester, MA); H. Gordon (Baltimore, MD); L. R. Goulding; W. M. Griswold; E. H. Hall; Mrs. J. L. Hall; E. L. Harris; Mr. and Mrs. George Haskell; J. A. Haskell (Wakefield, MA): Mrs. John Head Jr.; Mrs. Hewes (Wakefield, MA); Henry Heyes; A. C. Hill (Wellesley Farms, MA); Mrs. A. L. Hill; Mr. and Mrs. John Sprunt Hill (Durham, NC); C. M. Hinkle (Osterville, MA); H. A. Hoffman (Barrington, RI); George B. Holbrook; Hotel Touraine; J. W. Reed & Co. (Philadelphia, PA); Dr. Henry Jackson; William H. Jackson Co.; T. M. James; Mike Jenkins (Baltimore, MD); C. W. Jones; A. W. Kaffenburgh (Brookline, MA); H. F. Keyes; J. A. Knowles (Dover, CT); Mrs. J. H. Knowles (New Bedford, MA): Mrs. G. W. Lassell (Whitinsville, MA); Oliver Lavalle (Boston, MA); J. Leash; Mrs. Lester Leland; A. E. Little; Andrew J. Lloyd (Boston, MA); C. T. Lovering (Boston, MA); H. F. Lyman; M. E. Church (Durham, NC); F. S. Mackenzie (Woodstock, VT); H. O. Marcy; Massasoit-Pocasset National Bank (Fall River, MA); Mrs. H. Mayo (Leominster, MA); Miss E. McCullagh (Worcester, MA): Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McElwain; E. G. Mcinnes (Brookline, MA); Mrs. F. A. Merrill (Brookline, MA); Jesse H. Metcalf (Providence, RI); Everett Morss (Boston, MA); H. W. Munn; Miss L. Nelson (New Haven, CT); Frank Nichols; Fred Nichols; O. S. Northrop (Waterbury, CT); Carlton E. Noyes; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Ogden (Brookline, MA); O'Hara and Livermore Studio; Emily Osgood; Robert Treat Paine 2nd; William A. Paine (Beach Bluff, MA); Parish House (Fall River, MA); Parker House Hotel (Boston, MA); Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Parker; Peerless Motor Car Co.; C. H. Pepper; H. A. Perkins; John R. Perry; William J. Peters; Edgar Pierce; H. C. Pierce; Elizabeth Porter (Camden, ME): Frederick S. Pratt (West Newton, MA); Ethel Rather (Austin, TX); A. Wallace Rice; Julian A. Rice; Miss C. E. Richardson; E. D. Robb (Mt. Vernon, NY); Alfred P. Rogers (Boston, MA); S. S. Rogers; E. T. Searles; A. H. Shaw (Bath, ME); Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gould Shaw 2nd; A. Shuman; C. D. Sias; Edwin J. Skillman (Brookline, MA); Francis Skinner; J. A. Skinner; D. F. Slade; H. W. Smyth; South Boston Savings Bank (South Boston, MA); P. C. Stanwood; C. F. Stodder; Mr. and Mrs. William P. Sutton (Cambridge, MA); J. Taylor; Dr. K. H. Thomas (Brookline, MA); Mrs. A. W. Tower (Auburndale, MA); J. B. Troy; Unitarian Church (Lynn, MA); A. W. Walker (Malden, MA): George R. Wallace (Fitchburg, MA); R. L. Warner (Concord, MA); Mrs. E. Warren; Mr. and Mrs. George Warren (Manchester, MA); A. H. Watson; Webster Atlas Bank; Mrs. A. Weil (Montgomery, AL); J. T. Wetherald; J. W. Wheeler; Mrs. William A. Whitcomb; Mrs. W. H. White (Brookline, MA); Miss E. P. Whitney; C. W. Whittier; Mrs. H. B. Whittier (Brookline, MA); Mr. R. Wick; Mrs. Charles Williams Jr. (Somerville, MA); Martha Wilson (Pasadena, CA); W. D. Woolson; and Youngs Hotel.


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journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

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Strong Museum number 213.4

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1 bound journal containing 400 pages and approximately 900 entries (13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

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Irving & Casson

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journals (accounts)

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