Journal -- 1908 through 1909


Bound journal containing 400 pages, 89 of which are blank, which was prepared by either A. H. Davenport Co. or, most probably, Irving and Casson. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders from 1908 (order #4405) through November 22, 1909 (order #5089). Orders are listed in numerical order; however, not all numbers in the sequence are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, customer address, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, and cabinet maker. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record.
Customer names in the journal include: First Congregational Church (Chelsea, MA); A. B. Cutter Co. (Boston, MA); Adams House; J. E. Aldred (Montreal, Canada); All Souls Church (New London, CT); Bryce J. Allen; Gordon Allen; Mrs. Oliver Ames (North Easton, MA); William H. Ames; R. S. Anthony; Francis H. Bacon; J. Balch; C. W. Barron; J. L. Batchelder, Jr.; W. C. Baylies; Mrs. Abram Bedelle (Catskill, NY); A. G. Beebe; R. H. Begien (Arlington, MA); W. C. Benziger (Summit, NJ); Bigelow & Kennard Co. (Boston, MA); Frederic Bill; Charles S. Bird (East Walpole, MA); Mrs. V. Blanchard (Andover, MA); Hagop Bogigian (Boston, MA); Spencer Borden; D. F. Borthwick (Portsmouth, NH); J. D. Bosworth; Harriet Brayton; S. C. Bridge; R. Lillian Brock; A. H. Broderick; J. H. Brooks; George Franklin Brown (Boston, MA); H. Brown; Mrs. Harold Brown (Newport, RI); J. Fred Brown; W. C. Bryant (Bridgeport, CT); Mrs. E. W. Burdett (Marion, MA); Mrs. Samuel Cabot; H. M. Campbell (Providence, RI); A. B. Carpenter; H. Casey (Cambridge, MA); J. A. Chadwick; Howard H. Chappel (North Cohasset, MA); C. P. Charlton; Earle Perry Charlton (Fall River, MA); W. C. Chase; Dr. D. Cheever; A. N. Chesterton; Mrs. H. Clapp; Commonwealth Shoe & Leather Co.; S. B. Condit; T. K. Corey; H. P. Cornell; J. Crocker; Miss Crompton; Cumberland County Court House; Charles D. Cundall (New Bedford, MA); A. J. Cunningham; C. P. Curtis; Mrs. C. P. Curtis; Mr. Davis (Yacht Adico IV); Arthur Davis (Dover, MA); Theo M. Davis (Newport, RI); W. D. Denegre; Charles S. Dennison; R. G. Dodge; I. W. W. Dove; H. C. Dunham; Newton Edwards; Elks Club; John W. Ellis; C. W. Emerson; H. B. Endicott (Dedham, MA); Mrs. William Engle (Bangor, ME); Mrs. J. Esseman; E. M. Farnsworth, Jr.; F. M. Ferrin (Newton, MA); First Baptist Church (Chelsea, MA); First National Bank (Augusta, ?); J. H. Flagler; F. J. Flanagan; B. W. Fredericks (Newton, MA); George A. Frost; F. H. Gage; W. G. Garrett; F. A. Gifford (Fall River, MA); Robert S. Goff; A. N. Gooch; F. W. Goodrich; George E. Gould; J. R. Goulding; L. R. Goulding (Boston, MA); D. N. Graves (Winchester, MA); C. M. Green; Levi Greenwood (Gardiner, MA); Miss M. Griswold; S. E. Guest; John E. Hall; E. M. Hallett; F. S. Harraden; Harvard College (Cambridge, MA); John A. Haskell (Wakefield, MA); E. D. Hathaway; Mrs. William R. Hayden; Mrs. G. H. Heywood (Gardiner, MA); Mrs. A. L. Hill; Clara Hill; Mrs. Hamilton Hill; J. J. Hill; C. M. Hinkle (Osterville, MA); W. T. Hodges; Hodgson & Kennard Co. (Boston, MA); W. H. Hoffman (Providence, RI); D. H. Holmes; Hotel Touraine (Boston, MA); Miss Hughes; J. C. Inches (Boston, MA); Mrs. William T. Jenney; C. W. Jones; J. T. Judd; E. E. Kent (Newton, MA); E. A. Kestler (Newton Centre, MA); George E. Kimball; George E. Kimhardt; L. E. Knott (Jamaica Plain, MA); J. A. Knowles (Dover, MA); Victor F. Lawson; H. F. Lesh; John Lesh; Library Bureau (Boston, MA); L. Lindemeyer; Mrs. George Linder (Brookline, MA); W. L. Lindsey; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Little (Boston, MA); A. J. Lloyd & Co. (Boston, MA); W. S. Locke; Hartley Lord (Lewiston, ME); Lord & Thomas; C. T. Lovering (Boston, MA); Mrs. A. L. Lowell; F. L. Lyman; H. C. Marcey (Newton, MA); Howard Marston; Mrs. J. P. Marston (Winchester, MA); R. Marston; William Martin; Mrs. Charles E. Mason; Doris Mather (Providence, RI); Miss M. R. Mawhinney; W.B. McCall; W. H. McElwain; A. H. Milliken; F. A. Moore; J. K. Newman; Miss Nichols (Newton, MA); G. M. Nolan; Mrs. A. L. A. Nowell; Carleton E. Noyes (Cambridge, MA); Old Colony Trust Co.; Emily Osgood; Parker House Hotel (Boston, MA); Dr. A. O. Parker; W. M. Parker (New Hampshire); Frederick S. Peck; H. H. Peck; H. A. Perkins; H. H. Pierce; W. E. Piper (Melrose, MA); H. M. Plimpton (Norwood, MA); Horace C. Porter; Mrs. L. Powers (Brookline, MA); H. D. Priest; R. Briggs & Co.; R. A. Rainey (Yacht Cassandra); W. G. Rantoul; A. C. Raymond; Mrs. H. W. Richards; G. W. Richardson; W. H. Riddle; C. E. Riley (Newton, MA); J. G. Rogers; Jacob Rothschild (Allenhurst, NJ); W. F. Roy; Mrs. H. S. Ruhe (West Newton, MA); B. F. W. Russell (Peterboro, NH); Mrs. R. S. Russell; F. A. Sanborn; E. F. Searles; H. M. Sears; W. E. Sessions; Mrs. R. G. Shaw; Mrs. C. H. Sinclair (Pinehurst, NC); S. H. Sinsheimer; C. Fred Smith; H. H. Sprague; A. C. Spring; J. E. Stagg (Durham, NC); Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Stearns; A. Steinert; S. J. Steinert; H. W. Stevens (Fall River, MA); Eben B. Symonds; C. W. Tidd; H. L. Tiffany; Miss F. E. Tower; Mr. Trowbridge (New Haven, CT); E. A. Tuttle (Fall River, MA); Mrs. Van Brunt; J. N. Ward; R. L. Warner (Concord, MA); C. H. Way; West Parish Burial Ground (Andover, MA); H. Whitcomb; E. E. White; Edwards Whittaker (St. Louis, MO); Miss A. R. Willard; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Williams; G. F. Winch; William. L. Winslow (Fall River, MA); W. Wood; Mrs. M. Woodford; W. D. Woolson; Mrs. B. G. Work; O. D. Young; and Youngs Hotel.


Descriptive Terms

journals (accounts)
journals (accounts)

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Strong Museum number 211.2

Physical Description

1 bound journal containing 400 pages and approximately 980 entries (13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches)

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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13 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxWxD)(inches)

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Possibly A. H. Davenport Co. (American furniture manufactory, active late 19th-early 20th centuries)
Probably Irving & Casson

Material Type

journals (accounts)

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