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This subseries contains eight boxes of catalogue cards. There are separate catalogues for the Littles' collections in Brookline and Essex, Massachusetts, as well as a catalogue of objects they sold or donated. Most of the objects cataloged here are two-dimensional works of art, such as paintings and silhouettes, but there is also a catalogue of the furnishings at the Essex home and a catalogue of some of the three-dimensional objects housed in Brookline. The catalogue cards contain varying pieces of information, often including a brief description of an object, artist, medium, place of origin, size, inscription, date, and other notes. Occasionally there are also notes on provenance, price, or background information on the subject of the piece. Most catalogue cards have a photograph of the object fastened to the back, and many have additional photographs, clippings, notes, or correspondence filed with them. The boxes were labeled by Selina Fletcher Little.

The entire subseries is restricted, due to the fact that some of the catalogue cards reveal the price the Littles paid for an object.


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Bertram K. and Nina Fletcher Little papers

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Boxes 51-52